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Cheap Alumina Blasting Manufacturers Hungary

The properties of this kind of corundum brick containing 96.66% Al2O3, 3.5% NaO and 0.5% SiO2 are(black oxide aluminum): porosity 2%~4%, normal temperature compressive strength 400MPa, linear expansion coefficient 9.0×10, containing β-Al2O3 , 54%, a-Al2O3, 45% glass phase 1% products(white alumina powder). The process gas or waste gas in the chemical industry furnace contains potassium compounds, and their melting points are relatively low, such as KSO, 1069°C, KCO901°C, KOH633°C.

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In order to produce non-alkali and less porosity (less shrinkage) cultured corundum bricks, an oxidation melting method (open arc method) production process is adopted(wilson abrasive). The oxygen blowing method can play the dual role of stirring and de-alkali. In the casting process, the mold used must be supplemented with a riser, thereby reducing the volume expansion of the melt(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), and the operation method of vibration and casting is used during casting.

(cheap alumina blasting manufacturers hungary)The French patent proposes to produce a fused cast brick with the smallest shrinkage cavity volume, the method of which is to make a second replenishment of the melt at a high temperature in the shrinkage cavity(silicon carbide price). There are two methods for slow cooling: one is the slow cooling box method; the other is the tunnel slow cooling dense cooling method(glass beads supplier). Therefore, after the casting is cooled, a large shrinkage hole is inevitably generated.

The presence of these gases has a direct and indirect effect on the formation of pores and expansion and shrinkage of products(green carborundum). In order to reduce the shrinkage of molten cast bricks, in addition to adding a small amount of additives to the ingredients to reduce the melting temperature, while using oxygen blowing in the smelting process(garnet abrasive). At this temperature, due to the viscous flow of the glass phase, the stress can be compensated and the product is not damaged.(cheap alumina blasting manufacturers hungary)

Without adding additives, the temperature of the molten pool of molten cast corundum brick must reach 2200-2300℃(silicon carbide companies). In this case, the melt expands greatly, plus the volume expansion under the action of the gas inside the melt. The products that are slowly cooled and cooled in the suspected road should use a detachable assembly mold to reduce the time for demolding(garnet suppliers). The temperature of the casting man sleeping kiln is 1500-1600℃.

(cheap alumina blasting manufacturers hungary)Melt corundum bricks are subjected to slow cooling and cooling treatment immediately after casting to prevent cracks during the cooling process(arc fused alumina). a-Al2O3 fused cast refractories (Al2O3, 99.3%, SiO2, 0.1%, impurities 0.6%) can be damaged due to the glass phase produced by condensation during thermal cycling at a temperature lower than 900~950°C(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The upper opening slow cooling box reinforced with steel plate and section steel can be lifted.

(bulk buy cheap alumina blasting india)The size of the slow cooling box depends on the size of the product, generally not less than 1.5m cube(fused alumina). Fill the slow-cooling box with 400-500mm granular shadow-expanding vermiculite with good heat resistance and heat insulation properties, and place the melt-cast product together with the casting mold in the middle of the slow-cooling box, and still use expansion around and around the top The vermiculite is buried(steel grid), allowing it to cool naturally.(cheap alumina blasting manufacturers hungary)

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