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According to the characteristics of the project(brown fused alumina), the precautions for leakage treatment are as follows: in case of biological material leakage, especially the leakage of toxic and harmful liquid materials, timely emergency treatment measures must be taken. When the leakage is serious, the valve or system should be closed(synthetic corundum), the leakage source should be cut off, and then the damaged parts should be repaired or replaced.

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In cross flow filtration, the slurry flows rapidly parallel to the surface of the filter medium, and the filtrate flows out perpendicular to the medium surface at a low speed(brown aluminum oxide). Close to the site from the windward, strictly prohibit blind access, isolate the leakage pollution area, restrict access, cut off the power supply, the on-site leakage should be covered(emery abrasive), stop the operation of production equipment and facilities, pipe clamp and injection sealant when the leakage is small. 

(cheap alumina blasting suppliers france)When entering the leakage site for treatment, attention should be paid to the following items(brown aluminium oxide): the personnel entering the site must be equipped with necessary personal protective equipment: it is strictly forbidden to act alone in emergency treatment, so as to ensure that no fire will be caused, there should be a guardian, and if necessary(garnet abrasive). Leakage accident control is generally divided into leakage source control and leakage disposal.

Firstly, the further diffusion of chemicals can be eliminated by controlling the spillage or leakage of chemicals(silicon carbide abrasive); then, after the leakage is controlled, collected, diluted and treated in time, so as to ensure the safe and reliable disposal of the leakage and prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents(garnet suppliers). The leakage material is mainly acid-base corrosive liquid, and the following matters should be paid attention to in the specific emergency disposal.(cheap alumina blasting suppliers france)

For hydrochloric acid and other storage containers (small capacity tanks or bottles) are damaged and leaked(green silicon carbide), the leakage part should be turned upward as far as possible and moved to a safe area for disposal. The root cause of this good effect is that the leakage of pipeline system can be blocked by nailing wood mold(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Cross flow filtration is mainly used for filtration and concentration of filter slurry, and dry filter cake cannot be obtained.

(cheap alumina blasting suppliers france)Generally, materials can be transferred to safe and intact storage capacity(black silicon carbide). For leaked materials, they should be collected and recycled as much as possible. If they cannot be collected and recycled, they will be washed with water and the wastewater will be brought into the wastewater treatment system of electroplating Center for treatment(steel grid). In addition to filters, cross flow filtration technology is also used in centrifuges, cover with water gun.

The main principles for the storage and disposal of leaking materials are as follows(aluminum oxide abrasive): for a large amount of liquid leakage, the leaked materials can be pumped into the container or the standby tank by using diaphragm pump; when the leakage is small, sand, adsorption materials, neutralizing materials and other absorption and neutralization materials can be used for absorption and neutralization(white aluminum oxide crystals), or solidification method is used to treat the leakage.

The two flow directions are perpendicular to each other, so cross flow filtration is also called cross flow filtration(aluminum oxide grit). The velocity of cross flow filtration is nearly constant, and the filtration pressure does not increase rapidly with the passage of time. The reason is that the rapid flow of the filter slurry exerts a shear sweeping effect on the particles accumulated on the medium(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media), thus inhibiting the increase of filter cake thickness at any time.(cheap alumina blasting suppliers france)

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