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Cheap Alumina Blasting Wholesale Price Malaysia

In the past, screens and screens were commonly used in centrifuges and high-pressure screw presses(glass beads manufacturers). It is used to make silk cloth and fine mesh cloth. In the industrial separation process, the application fields of plastic mesh and metal coated plastic mesh are increasing(white aluminium oxide blasting media). The diameter of warp and weft is different. Electroforming can also be used for various post-treatment, such as protective chromium plating, it is reverse Dutch.

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In contrast, the wire cloth woven by the reverse plain Dutch weaving method has higher strength, better flow characteristics and higher pollution absorption capacity(fused alumina). If the warp is thicker, it is plain Dutch, and when the weft is thicker. The two processes include first making a light shield of the desired product superimposed on a metal sheet coated with a photographic emulsion(aluminum oxide blasting grit), and the screen length can reach the road map source and Froude.(cheap alumina blasting wholesale price malaysia)

If both sides of the sheet are etched at the same time, the sheet metal is sandwiched between two aligned light shields(white fused alumina). After etching, the photographic emulsion is stripped during post-treatment (protective plating, passivation, etc.). The part of the sheet metal that is not protected by the light shield is etched into a gap or pore(glass bead abrasive). The image of the light shield is reproduced on one side of the metal plate coated with photosensitive resin(such as stainless steel).

It has been proved that after development and treatment(white aluminum oxide), it becomes the cathode in the electrolytic cell, while the metal anode made of pure metal is deposited on the surface where the photoresist has been removed. In cooperation with Yue alkali of Australia, we have developed the patent technology of precision cutting seam on wear-resistant metal(brown fused alumina micropowder), that is, laser cutting screen and cutting mesh technology, so it is widely used in industrial separation field.

(cheap alumina blasting wholesale price malaysia)Then, a company applied the technology to other metals, such as titanium, and made stainless steel cutting screen and cutting mesh into products(white corundum). The advantages of stainless steel laser cutting screen are obvious. When the centrifuge with stainless steel laser cutting screen is used to separate sugar from syrup, good results have been achieved, such as high sugar yield and wear resistance(steel shot abrasive). Most of the metal wire cloth used for filtration is woven in Holland. 

The two ends of the seam are narrow, and the width of the seam is the same as that of the plate with different seam width(arc fused alumina). The traditional electroforming slotted screen has a longer slit, thicker seam and fewer seams than the stainless steel laser cutting screen. The thickness of the sieve plate is usually soap, the width of the screen can reach the circle(garnet abrasive price). The unexposed photographic emulsion protects the metal during etching after exposure and development.(cheap alumina blasting wholesale price malaysia)

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