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People have been dreaming of synthesizing gem grade large single crystal diamond in the laboratory or factory(white fused alumina oxide mfg). This kind of diamond can not only be used as jewelry, but also can be compared with natural large single crystal diamond. The temperature difference method can also be used in wire drawing die(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer), scalpel, integrated circuit heat dissipation base plate, instrument optical window and ultra-high voltage generator.

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Moreover, with the application research and development Its application will be more and more extensive(brown fused alumina factory). It needs a good coordination between machining accuracy and electrical control accuracy, and the production cost is very high. GE company put forward the temperature difference method of synthesizing large single crystal diamond in the 1970s and successfully synthesized 0.22 Carat Yellow large single crystal(brown aluminum oxide blast media).

In the 1990s, it developed the synthesis technology of colorless large single crystal(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Element 6 company obtained 11.14 carat and 14.2 carat deep yellow large single crystals in 1987 and 1990 respectively, and then launched monocrystal single crystal diamond series with a diameter of more than 1.3mm(brown fused alumina for grinding), mainly used for single crystal wire drawing die, and the relevant academic journals and patent documents are scarce.

According to the test results of Hunan Institute of Metallurgical Geology(brown fused alumina suppliers), it is found that the research on this project in China started very early but was slow, and even the basic research stopped and walked, which is far from the advanced level of foreign countries(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). It takes a long time to grow large-scale diamond by temperature difference method, and the stability of synthesis process parameters is very demanding.

The assembly structure design of the cavity; foreign companies keep the bulk synthesis technology of large single crystal diamond highly confidential(brown fused alumina). From the point of view of synthesis technology, at present, the effective method of synthesizing gem grade diamond single crystal with size more than 1mm is still the temperature difference method developed by the research team of GE company in 1971(former De Beers company)(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit).

The design of the assembly structure, the establishment of the appropriate temperature field, long-term growth conditions(brown aluminum oxide). After the reaction of graphite is completed, the reactant stuck on the container shall be flushed into the container with clear water after cooling, and then it shall be kept for 1h(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), and the waste liquid shall be poured out, and then it shall be cleaned and precipitated with clear water until it is clear.

Therefore, after a lot of research work(brown aluminium oxide), the National Key Laboratory of superhard materials and technical center of Jilin University have reported the growth technology of gem grade large single crystal diamond respectively, but it is still far away from the industrial production, special precision cutter(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit), so as to generate the diamond seed around the diamond seed The supersaturated carbon solution promotes the growth of seed.

The key technology of synthesizing gem grade synthetic diamond lies in(arc fused alumina): the basic principle of temperature difference method is to establish a suitable temperature field in the high temperature and high pressure synthetic cavity through the design of assembly structure(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), and use the temperature field to drive carbon atom or atomic group (hereinafter referred to as carbon atom) to diffuse or convection from the carbon source to the diamond seed.

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