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Many units engaged in ceramic raw material powder treatment are concerned about the pre-treatment operation for measuring the particle size distribution of ceramic raw materials or the standardization of particle size distribution measurement method including pretreatment(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, the bet based gas adsorption method and the Fisher sub sieve Sizer (FSSS) gas permeation method are used for fine ceramic powder(white alumina grit).

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The JIS Bryan method, which is used to measure the particle size of cement powder, is also a method to determine the specific surface area by this gas permeation method(white aluminum oxide). Specific surface area specific surface area is an important physical property of fine ceramic raw material powder. The specific surface area is also measured in all units of raw material powder as well as the measurement of particle size distribution(aluminum oxide sandblast media). The relationship between the two is a saturation curve.

(cheap alumina blasting wholesale suppliers china)In addition, the gas adsorption method is to make the surface of the sample adsorb large molecules, and calculate the specific surface area from the adsorption amount(brown fused alumina). This method can be used to measure the size of the whole surface of the powder because molecules are adsorbed in the cracks, cracks and holes on the surface of the powder particles(white corundum powder). There are also several methods for calculating the specific surface area of powder.

Compared with gas permeation method, it can obtain the true specific surface area of powder with high reliability(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor), so it is often used as the reference value of powder fineness (particle size). BET method (adsorbed nitrogen) was used to measure the relationship between specific surface areas. In order to obtain the flow difficulty of powder, it is used as a standard of filling property(aluminum oxide polishing powder). The gas permeation method is used to calculate the specific surface area of the powder.

When air and other gases pass between the filling layers of the powder, the finer the powder particles are, the smaller the pore size of the filling layer is, and the gas is difficult to pass through(brown fused alumina for abrasive). In other words, the particle size of the powder is related to the difficulty of gas passing through the powder filling layer, i.e. permeability(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). Gas permeation method is widely used because of its low cost, simple operation and good repeatability.(cheap alumina blasting wholesale suppliers china)

In powder metallurgy, the FSSS method, which is one of the methods to measure the fineness of powder, has been used for a long time in powder metallurgy(fused alumina). In this method, the measured specific surface area is used to convert the specific surface area diameter, which is expressed as FSSS diameter or average particle size(brown corundum powder). Therefore, the diameter of FSSS is used as the average particle size of fine ceramic powders developed from powder metallurgy, especially silicon nitride and silicon carbide.

(cheap alumina blasting wholesale suppliers china)In a word, almost all powder manufacturers use FSSS diameter as an indicator of powder quality(silicon carbide companies). The FSSS method has a limit for the measurement of the powder with fine particle size and large specific surface area. Even if the powder with small specific surface area (the powder with coarse particle size) is not corresponding to 111(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers), the specific surface area measured by FSSS method is smaller than that measured by BET method.

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