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The injection pressure of the core shape should be several atmospheres higher than the injection pressure of the main type increasing molding(glass beads supplier). The length of the general flower head is greater than 10mm. Therefore, it is better to use a single injection port for similar core shapes, and the straight line between the open mouth and the injection port is 8~10mm(white aluminum oxide abrasive). A single injection port is set in the H product direction.

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The shrinkage rate given by the water solubility is about 0.2%~0.3%(silicon carbide 180 grit). Since the molded wall core is easy to absorb moisture, it should be as good as possible after molding. It is possible to inject molding quickly with the main wax. Just add new filler in proportion. In actual operation, the injection speed of wax has the greatest impact on defects(glass bead blasting media suppliers), so the injection speed adjustment function of the wax press is indispensable.

(cheap alumina company philippines)The fluidity of the water-soluble wax is worse than that of the model(black oxide aluminum). In addition, the water-soluble wax core should have strength requirements. The picture shows the compression scheme that prioritizes the strength of the core. Scheme a shows that when there are two wax injection ports, streamlines are easily generated at the confluence of the wax material(corundum white), so cracks are generated under the injection pressure of the wax mold.

Under this scheme(fused alumina), the bending strength of the starting core in the vertical direction is higher than that in the horizontal direction. high. In addition, the injection time has a great influence on the shrinkage rate and surface shrinkage of the wax mold. Extending the injection time when the nozzle of the wax press is open can reduce the shrinkage rate and the degree of surface shrinkage(artificial corundum). Abnormal increase in mold tolerance may be a problem with the accuracy of metal profiling.(cheap alumina company philippines)

The design and shape of the water-soluble core are determined by the shell-making limit of the Taotang filling(arc fused alumina), and the core design criteria are determined by the number of layers of the ceramic shell and the strength of the shell. Anyway, it is necessary to compare the man-hours for repairing the mold with the man-hours for wax mold forming to judge which method is more economical and reasonable(steel grid). It is not allowed to exceed 100°C.

(cheap alumina company philippines)For example, the comparison of water constancy super high(silicon carbide price), internal core and gold prototype height, the production quantity of other parts, the price of love parts, and the shape of the core must be selected reasonably. In order to enhance the strength of the water-soluble core, metal core rows can also be cast into the core(garnet suppliers). Among the finest parts, the areas that require the highest technical level are aerospace-related parts.

Because of the separation requirements, large-scale and complex shapes of precision castings(green carborundum), it is necessary to have higher comprehensive technical capabilities. The wax mold of this kind of parts requires a surface roughness of less than 6S, no matter which one of them is used(chrome corundum), and small batch production of less than a few pieces or trial production before metal profiling can be processed by mechanical processing.(cheap alumina company philippines)

Generally(silicon carbide companies), the regeneration treatment of the braided material that is recycled by high-pressure beauty equipment can be carried out in a precision body manufacturing plant or a male material supply plant using different methods. Since it is required to be completely removed without defects(garnet abrasive), the wax material adopts high filler wax, and the impurity contained in this wall material must be less than 0.015%, namely single-product blade parts.

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