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The fused aluminium oxide mountain furnace is a fixed furnace set in the open air, without end walls and side walls, and looks like a hill-shaped material pile. This makes it easy for forklifts, dump trucks, cranes and other vehicles and machinery to operate Ground approach operations from all directions. The corundum sand resistance furnace is composed of an end wall, a side wall, a furnace bottom, electrodes and pillars, and the movable furnace also includes a car body. 

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Mountain furnaces are often used to make non-abrasive grade pink alumina. The end wall constitutes a part of the volume of the material, and supports and protects the electrode from oxidation. It is required that the end wall structure be firm, high temperature and oxidation resistant, not inclined outward and deformed under the thermal expansion pressure of the charge, and also be airtight to prevent black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media electrode oxidation.(cheap alumina grit manufacturers russia)

The end walls are usually made of black silicon carbide factory refractory bricks (or concrete prefabricated parts) and carbonaceous masonry and fastened with steel frames. If concrete prefabricated parts are used, they are generally only used for external low temperature parts. Rhenium can also be used to replace carbonaceous masonry. This can save carbonaceous masonry materials, and the allowable length of the electrode is longer, but the amount of pink fused alumina furnace charge is slightly increased.

(cheap alumina grit manufacturers russia)Insulation is required between each side wall. The white fused alumina furnace walls on both sides of the resistance furnace are called side walls. The side walls play a role of holding materials and heat insulation and can be dismantled. They are required to be strong, able to withstand general impact and pressure in the aluminium oxide 36 grit furnace, and not deformed at 800 ~ l200 ℃. Vent holes are left on the side wall, accounting for 6% 7% of the side wall area, and have good air permeability.

Resistance furnaces with trapezoidal and arc-shaped hearths have only one side wall. In order to prevent black fused alumina conduction between the channel steel side walls or cast iron side walls, a row of special-shaped refractory bricks can be installed inside the pillars for insulation purposes. According to its shape, the black aluminum oxide blast media hearth can be divided into three types: rectangular, trapezoidal and circular. Its performance is divided into breathable hearth and airtight hearth.(cheap alumina grit manufacturers russia)

According to white aluminum oxide different structures, there are mainly three types of side walls of resistance furnaces: channel steel framed refractory brick side walls, cast iron side walls and heat-resistant concrete side walls. The first type of side wall is convenient, economical and practical. The aluminum oxide sandblasting media second type of side wall is made of cast iron, which has a large weight, is resistant to impact, and does not deform, but it is difficult to repair and the cost is high.

(cheap alumina grit manufacturers russia)The chrome corundum third type of side wall is economical and labor-saving, but it is not resistant to impact, can not be quenched with water, is not resistant to salt erosion, and is not easy to repair. Its role is to prevent the side walls from tilting outward. Small resistance furnaces generally do not have pillars. The black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit furnace bottom, also called the hearth, is the part where the furnace bottom insulation material and a part of the lower reaction material are installed.

Pillars are usually made of steel. Pillars are pillars installed on both sides of the white corundum smelting furnace, between two side walls. The end wall is located at both ends of the Ding resistance furnace, and the electrode is installed at the center. Large and medium resistance furnaces with rectangular hearths, the black synthetic corundum side walls are divided into two sections, and the lower section forms part of the hearth. The fixed furnace is the most widely used one at home and abroad.

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