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Cheap Alumina Grit Manufacturers South Africa

Using fine-grained white fused alumina to make fiber polishing wheel is suitable for grinding and polishing of various workpieces. The fiber wheel made of brown corundum, calcined brown corundum and silicon carbide has the dual functions of grinding and polishing, with higher cost performance. The specific abrasive compound proportion can be found out by experiments according to the requirements of grinding and polishing in use.

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With the in-depth understanding of the characteristics of white aluminum oxide, the application field of black corundum will be further expanded. wear-resistant aggregate is used for wear-resistant and antiskid plastic floor; wear-resistant apparatus is made of black corundum as the aggregate for repeated use; According to the above two production methods to judge, the second white fused aluminium oxide production method is more suitable for the processing of coated abrasive tools.

(cheap alumina grit manufacturers south africa)For example, fine-grained white corundum is used as the additive of wear-resistant and fireproof coating; fine-grained black corundum is used as the polishing wax; polishing block is used for free grinding; jeans are sandblasted for aging; shoe industry is used for adding wear-resistant aggregate to the outside of the heel of the sole; for brown fused alumina factory making amorphous refractory; and In the production of steel furnace gun mud and so on.

The use of composite abrasive can improve the sharpness of the cutting disc, improve the incision finish, and make the 100 grit aluminum oxide white color change slightly. Now it has become the main application field of black corundum products. It is believed that people of insight in related industries will be able to continuously expand the application field of black corundum according to the performance characteristics of brown aluminum oxide 250 grit and the existing application practices.(cheap alumina grit manufacturers south africa)

Many factories of the first warehouse will process it into P400 products, because it has met the P400 standard. In fact, this P400 product is totally false brown fused alumina oxide grain size, and it should be P500 grain size in actual grinding, so there will be some Coated Abrasives produced by enterprises with the same brown fused alumina suppliers grain size of micro powder belt grinding efficiency is totally different. Its production method is the real water method, and there will be no small particles attached. 

(cheap alumina grit manufacturers south africa)Raw material calcination method: this method is to produce the selected fine powder section calcined sand, that is to say, select the wholesale brown fused alumina sand smaller than 80 μ m and larger than 15 μ m first, and then calcine, shape and crush, acid wash, overflow classification, drying and packaging. Compared with the previous direct firing method, the cost of the powder produced by this method is higher, but there will be no false particles, so the brown fused alumina 60 grit quality is guaranteed.

The operation of the cutting machine is more stable and has a high cost performance. It is broken by the way of wet vertical ball milling shaping, white aluminum oxide abrasive which can easily separate the bonded particles from the friction between the ball materials, and play a shaping role for the aluminium oxide grit suppliers particles without bonding. Its production is from fine to coarse according to the number after number. It is completely classified according to the content of each particle size contained in the raw material itself.(cheap alumina grit manufacturers south africa)

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