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Cheap Alumina Grit Wholesale Suppliers Middle East

However, the brown fused alumina market situation of the developed countries in the world is getting worse, which makes the enthusiasm of the producers of low-grade grinding products greatly reduced. In 2013, the demand of the abrasives Market in the United States and France will decrease by 1% annually, which will lead to a relative decrease in the sales volume of aluminum oxide abrasive products in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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Because of the stable production and export structure. The brown aluminum oxide sales prospects of Canada, South Korea and Spain are still optimistic. At present, the amount of abrasives is calculated according to 80% of the typical weight of resin abrasives. The amount of black corundum is calculated according to 40% of resin abrasives. The demand growth of abrasive tools in mechanical manufacturing will be much higher than the overall growth level of aluminum oxide grit abrasive tools for free grinding.

(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers middle east)Some black corundum abrasives can be used to replace other abrasives, and the proportion of black corundum abrasives to replace other abrasives is calculated according to 30% of the lower limit of 30% - 50% of the commonly used amount of current mature technology, and the field of black oxide aluminum can be obtained by 2020 The consumption of jade products is 51900 tons. Abrasive and polishing powder will usher in a new peak demand. 

The demand growth of silicon carbide abrasive is much higher than that of metal bonded abrasives, including bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, abrasives and polishing powders. By 2013. The gap continues to widen. The production and sales volume of non-metallic bonded abrasives will exceed that of emery abrasive. In recent years, due to the irreplaceable of diamond wire and silicon carbide edge material in the production of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and other high-tech fields.(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers middle east)

Consolidated Abrasives will also follow closely. The rapid growth of green silicon carbide in the world is mainly due to the further expansion of China and other emerging economies and the emergence of superhard materials and products. And coated abrasives because of its continuous technological innovation. It has the most kinds of products in black aluminum oxide blast media, and the unique advantages of coated abrasive tools in the later stage of grinding process chain.(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers middle east)

White corundum is mainly used for refractory, polishing, sandblasting, abrasives, abrasive products, abrasives made of it, alloy steel suitable for grinding and quenching, high-speed steel, etc., fine sand can also be used in precision casting. The field of transportation equipment will become the most stable and fast growing market for black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit Abrasives. For abrasive Abrasives, the field of mechanical manufacturing has always been its largest market.(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers middle east)

It has greatly promoted the application of black silicon carbide abrasives in polishing. It accounts for 75% of the total market of abrasive tools. With the continuous growth of the world economy and the recovery of motor vehicle and motorcycle industry production. By 2013, transportation equipment has become the most stable and fastest growing market for black alumina abrasive tools. In addition, the application of high-performance superhard grinding wheel in new energy fields such as wind power generation equipment.

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