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Epoxy resin is light yellow to amber transparent liquid and solid at room temperature. It can be dissolved in acetone, aluminium oxide 36 grit toluene, xylene and other organic solvents. Epoxy resin is miscible with phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, polyamide resin, etc., but cannot be miscible with polyester, cellulose ether, etc. Epoxy resin is a linear thermoplastic resin that does not cure by itself and does not have any aluminium oxide sandblasting performance properties.

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Therefore, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media hardeners are an important part of epoxy bonding agents. According to the temperature required for curing, it can be divided into heating hardener and room temperature hardener; according to the type of chemical structure, it can be divided into amine hardener, acid anhydride hardener, resin hardener, and imidazole hardener. Etc. According to the physical state of the hardener, it can be divided into two types: liquid hardener and corundum sand solid hardener.(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers usa)

The calculation method of the amount of brown aluminium oxide amine hardener is based on the interaction of an active hydrogen atom and an epoxy group on the amine group. Generally it is 1 ~ 3min. The amounts of various primary and secondary amines are calculated according to the following formula: epoxy resin has strong bonding ability. It can be used for bonding metals (such as steel, pink aluminium oxide, copper, etc.) and non-metallic materials (such as glass, wood, rubber, etc.), so it is called "universal glue".

(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers usa)Abrasives made with epoxy resin as a binder have higher strength than phenolic resin abrasives produced under the fused aluminium oxide same conditions. Epoxy resin has low shrinkage. The reaction between the epoxy resin and the hardener is carried out by a direct addition reaction. Therefore, no by-products are generated during the aluminum oxide sandblasting media hardening process, and bubbles are not easy to generate. Therefore, the shrinkage rate is very small (~ 2%). The smallest one.

If the filler is added, the shrinkage will be smaller (0.25% ~ 1.25%). In addition, its linear expansion number is small (60 × 10 ~ ℃ -1), so it is suitable for brown fused alumina manufacturing fine-grained, high-density abrasive tools. Excellent chemical stability. The epoxy resin without curing agent is thermoplastic, and will not be cured when heated. The black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit finished product generally does not contain salt and alkali, so it will not deteriorate, and the structure will not be damaged.(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers usa)

If it is stored well, it can be stored for more than one year. The cured epoxy resin structure contains stable benzene rings and ether bonds, and is resistant to organic solvents and various pink fused alumina chemical reagents. Resistant to dilute alkali at room temperature, but easily decomposed under strong alkali and heating. During the grinding process, the instantaneous temperature of the contact part between the abrasive tool and the black synthetic corundum workpiece can reach several hundreds of degrees or higher.

(cheap alumina grit wholesale suppliers usa)In this case, the epoxy resin is quickly carbonized, losing the ability to retain the brown aluminum oxide particles, making the abrasive particles too early. Falling off, causing temporary damage to the abrasive. Tests show that under the same conditions, the wear of epoxy resin wheels is 3 to 5 times that of phenolic resin wheels. Due to the black aluminum oxide blast media above characteristics and the relatively expensive price, epoxy resins cannot be widely used as resin binders.

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