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The electric dry hygrometer can be used to check the humidity of the gas(white aluminum oxide). The measuring range is 20-100% of the relative humidity, and the error is about 3%. The measurement results depend on the movement speed, pressure and temperature of the gas. When measuring humidity according to dew point, the gas to be tested shall be cooled to saturation state(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Generally, metal mirror is used to determine the saturation point.

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The output signal of the sensor of this instrument is thermoelectric EMF, which is usually measured by bridge circuit(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). Most recently, the temperature at which the condensate begins to fall is defined as the dew point. The measurement results are calculated by the secondary instrument connected with resistance thermometer or thermocouple(brown fused alumina for grinding). With the development of society, the grinding process is becoming more and more complex, and the demand for abrasives is higher.

The temperature of the mirror is measured by resistance thermometer or thermocouple(white corundum). When the gas is polluted by dust or oil, the mirror should be cleaned automatically before each measurement, which complicates the structure of the instrument. The electric hygrometer used to measure the gas humidity adopts the electrolytic sensor made of hygroscopic material, whose electrical parameters change with the change of humidity(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Keep the temperature in balance at all times.

The unsaturated lithium chloride solution is heated until the vaporization pressure of the water vapor above the solution and the vaporization pressure of the vapor in the surrounding medium reach equilibrium(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). In the electric instrument measured by this method, the dew point is determined by the change of the luminous flux reflected by the mirror with the photoelectric device(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). It is composed of a high frequency oscillator 1, whose oscillation is transmitted to the frequency discriminator circuits l1c1 and l2c2.

The porous material saturated with lithium chloride solution is wrapped on the surface of the tube with resistance thermometer or thermocouple inside, and the solution is heated by external power supply with two electrodes connected through the solution(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). With the change of humidity, the conductivity of the solution also changes, resulting in the change of heating current and temperature. Use the sensor capacitance as the capacitance of circuit C1(brown fused alumina grit).

In 1946, it was made into epoxy resin bond(white fused alumina). With the development of chemical industry and refining industry, resin grinding tool is one of the important tools used in the industrial production process, which is developed with the development of the whole industry(black silicon carbide suppliers). This is the earliest grinding tool. In 1825, Indians began to use natural resin shellac as binder, and made natural resin abrasives with emery as abrasives, and used it to grind steel.

Brown corundum was successfully smelted in 1901 and white corundum was also produced in 1910(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Industrial phenolic resin was invented in 1907, and ester aldehyde resin was used as binder in 1923 to prepare phenolic resin abrasives. In the early 1950s, it realized industrial production(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). It has the advantages of high strength, many kinds and strong adaptability. Up to now, the bond of organic abrasives is mainly based on ester resin and epoxy resin.

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