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He found that when the particle size is 0.2um, the sintering density can reach 95% at 1300 ℃(arc fused alumina), while when the particle size is 0.3um. Kumagail study found that the boehmite gels without seed addition were sintered at 100min at 1600 degrees centigrade, and the density of the sintered body was 94%(white fused alumina manufacturer). When the amount of seeds is less than 5wt%, the higher density of seeds is 1014 ~ 102seeds / cm29-al2o3.

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Another article in Kumagail reported that high purity boehmite gels with added seeds can be sintered at 6h at 1140 and 95% theoretical density can be obtained(brown fused alumina). However, when the fine-grained a-Al2O3 seeds were added to 1.5wt, the faster the sintering speed, the higher the sintering density, the density of 98% was obtained only when sintered at 1400 degrees, and the grain size was 0.2~0.4um(fused alumina).

Additives as sintering aids play an increasingly important role in the production of powder and sintering(white alumina), so some scholars regard additives as the fourth indispensable element in the abrasive manufacturing process. The resistance of diffusion and mass transfer in liquid phase is small and the speed of flow and mass transfer is fast(silicon carbide price), so the sintering temperature is reduced, which plays a role of promoting sintering.

Theoretically, the nucleation site density of 10 ° - 10nuclei / cm39-al2o3 can effectively control the microstructure evolution of 0-al2o3 - → a-Al2O3 phase transition when the nucleation density of the added seeds is 5 × 101seeds / cm0-al2o3(brown aluminum oxide). The high density of crystal nucleus reduces the collision distance of nucleation site in the early phase of phase transformation, the sintering density can reach 95% at 1400 ℃(black oxide aluminum).

In the process of sintering, the collision of the early nucleation sites limits the growth of dendrites and promotes the formation of uniform and fine-grained microstructure(black aluminum oxide). The density of 1.25wt% a-Al2O3 is 5 × 101 "seeds / cm3 (equivalent to the average particle size of 0.2um), which makes the sintering temperature of corundum decrease from 1600 ℃ to 1400 ℃(green carborundum). The average grain size of alumina is 1.5um.

Morris 1 proposed that the smaller the grain size of the seed, the more the number of nucleation sites dispersed in the unit volume, the higher the number of nucleation sites, and the finer the microstructure(brown aluminium oxide). Hiraiwal pointed out that the grain size of corundum abrasive was the smallest when the amount of a-Al2O3 seed was 3%, and he also proposed that the amount of seed was inversely proportional to the grain size(glass beads supplier).

In 1986, Norton disclosed a patent technology for fine grain ceramic corundum abrasives introduced into seed crystal(pink aluminum oxide). Kumagai pointed out that the technology adopted sol-gel synthesis process, introduced 1% corundum ball mill or a-Al2O3 powder as seed material, found that the phase transition temperature of a was reduced to 1090 degrees(silicon carbide companies), and the density of sintered 30min at 1400 degrees centigrade was more than 95%.

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