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Cheap Alumina Polishing Powder Suppliers Poland

The biconical mixer is a kind of equipment which can mix all kinds of powder through the rotary tank(black oxide aluminum). The tank body is a container made of steel plate. Its shape is to set a short cylinder between two cones. The spiral cone mixer is a kind of mixing equipment which uses the rotating function of the spiral axis in the conical cylinder to stir the materials(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). The mixed material is discharged by the discharge valve of Xiadu.

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The double cone mixer is driven by the motor and reducer to rotate the mixing tank through the gear drive(white fused alumina). During the operation, all kinds of prepared powders are added into the mixer tank. Through the rotation of the tank, the materials are polymerized and separated repeatedly by their gravity and centrifugal force to achieve even mixing(glass beads supplier). The mixed materials are discharged by the discharge port by the white weight.

The top angle of the cone is determined by the rest angle of the mixed powder(white aluminum oxide). For the convenience of discharging, it should be designed as 90 ° or 75 °. The inlet and outlet of the tank body are equipped with pneumatic valve or electric butterfly valve for the opening and closing of charging and discharging(glass beads manufacturers). The driving device consists of a motor, a reducer and a driving inner wheel. The rotation of the motor can be adjusted within a certain range.

In order to ensure the accurate parking position of the tank body, the last turn should be decelerated before parking, and the whole operation process can be automatically controlled(silicon carbide price). The power line of the electrical equipment attached to the rotating tank body is input from the device used for power distribution of the slip ring box(garnet abrasive price). The mixing tank is a conical vessel composed of a cover plate, a shell, a top cover, etc.

The supporting platform is used to support the metal structure frame of the tank body and the transmission device(green carborundum). The spiral shaft installed in the simplified body rotates around the self standing shaft, and makes planetary rotation along the inner wall of the simplified body(glass bead abrasive). Turn the materials up and down, so that the materials in the simplified body rotate planetary along the spiral shaft, so as to achieve full turning and mixing.

The spiral cone mixer consists of a fixed cone-shaped body, a spiral shaft and a transmission device(silicon carbide companies). The spiral shaft is usually connected by two spiral shafts, which are symmetrically and vertically installed near the inner arm of the cylinder. Add all kinds of materials to be mixed from the feeding port on the top of the conical simplified body(steel shot abrasive). The spiral cone mixer is a mixing equipment operated by intermedia.

The conical simplified body welded by steel plate is fixed on the bracket, and the simplified body is not transferred during operation(arc fused alumina). The top cover of the cylinder is provided with a feeding port, the lower part is provided with a discharging port, and a discharging valve which can be opened and closed is installedV. The transmission device is composed of motor and cycloid pin wheel reducer, which is installed in the center of the cover.

The equipment has the advantages of small energy consumption, good sealing performance and convenient use, and is widely used in refractory industry(fused alumina). The common volume of the simplified body is 1-2m(white fused alumina for refractory). Driven by the transmission device, the spiral shaft rotates around the inner arm of the cylinder at a planetary slow speed, usually at a speed of 5R / min, while the fast rotation speed of the spiral shaft is 110R / min.

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