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The formation of the furnace gang is convenient, and the management of the tropical zone is emphasized(silicon carbide price). Whether it is used will cause the side mail to be clean. In the first three months, the aluminum output will be adjusted according to 5% and 10% of monthly satoshi(gma garnet). The anode sequence adjustment was completed in the first month, and the normal pole change period was entered in the second month.

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The upper end of the heat sink is subjected to thermal stress(abrasive blasting grit). In the later stage, the system will be damaged by oxidation, which will affect the life of the trace. During the protection period, all anodes are made of new hard blocks, and all anodes are of the same height after startup, and the normal pole change cycle cannot be entered immediately(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). A positive adjustment sequence is required. The molecular ratio of electricity is high.

(cheap alumina powder manufacturers saudi arabia)In order to completely consume the carbon block and reduce the high broken amount of fines(green carborundum), the pole change is started 10 days after the start, and the positive oranges in the electrolytic cell are mixed in the remaining 30 days, and the high residual oranges are mutually used(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting). Reach the sequence of normal pole change, the principle of pole change. And maintain a convenient presence to prevent hypertrophy.

In the second month, it transitioned to 950~360°C, and the guard had gradually formed(garnet abrasive price). In the third month, D50°C was maintained. When the electrolyte molecule ratio was adjusted, the trough sweetness dropped to the normal range. The purpose of aluminum tapping is to maintain the electrolytic fine heat balance. The various technical conditions of Xinqijing have not transitioned to the normal range, and the current efficiency is low.(cheap alumina powder manufacturers saudi arabia)

At this time, the adjacent two poles should be staggered(silicon carbide companies), the current distribution and weight borne by the two horizontal bus bars should be equal, and the pole position of the slot should be staggered. Afterwards, aluminum tapping begins on the third day after the start of the electrolytic cell(black aluminium oxide grains). The adjustment of aluminum output is to stabilize the over-dispersion of later technical conditions, and adjust the food protection through circulation.

(cheap alumina powder manufacturers saudi arabia)After the transfer to normal production, it will be adjusted according to the plant's own situation and production tasks(black oxide aluminum). Under the condition of high aluminum level, the side heat dissipation is strong. The protective surface of the sealing material is smooth and tangible, and the heat dissipation belt must be outside(sandblasting grit). The picture shows the new way to adjust the order of 20 sets of anodes in a 320kA electrolyzer (the anode interval is 29 days).

In addition, it is a thermoelectric insulator in the solid state, thereby preventing current or heat from dissipating from the side(arc fused alumina). Under normal circumstances, the furnace inspection leg should not be too long and not exceed the anode projection position, increasing the vertical current(white corundum abrasive). The inner shape of the protection should be determined by the extension of the legs, the furnace belt and the furnace bottom sedimentation.(cheap alumina powder manufacturers saudi arabia)

The inner shape of the protective granule refers to a layer of ice stone and a jade-shaped or a chamfered shape of the protective strand around the tank(glass beads supplier). The quality of the shape of the stretched country is related to the heat preservation of the furnace bottom, the acid heat of the side and the height of the base(garnet supply). The thickness of the protective belt is related to the curve, voltage and heat dissipation of the system.

(cheap alumina powder manufacturers saudi arabia)The electrolyzer is transferred to normal production and needs to have a regular furnace strand inner shape(fused alumina). Poor heat preservation of the bottom protection will cause the extensor muscles to become larger and the angles will be more serious, which will cause deformity and long-term recovery(garnet mesh 30 60), affect the stability of the electrolytic foundation, or cause voltage loss, so the silver level should be controlled at an appropriate height.

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