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Cheap Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Suppliers Germany

Because of its low solubility (about 0.1%), part of MgO only concentrates at the edge of the fused aluminium oxide particles, which hinders the growth of corundum grains just like spinel. This method is widely used to produce special corundum products with chemical purity and density under vacuum. The black fused alumina clinker produced by this method can produce corundum products with high chemical composition, mechanical properties and density.

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Boric acid and magnesium chloride solution can also be added into aluminum hydroxide and - Al2O3, pink fused alumina and calcined at 1300 ℃ and 1500-1620 ℃ respectively. For example, adding SnCl2 to alumina produced in Hungary, calcining in air at 1500 ℃, the alkali content only decreased by 0.1% ~ 0.2%. The enhanced digestion technology is used to replace the chrome corundum existing backward steam direct heating autoclave digestion technology.

(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers germany)The content of Na2O in silicon carbide abrasive can be significantly reduced by removing sodium from - Al203 with aluminum. Diamond and zirconia are one of the raw materials of corundum zirconium and chromium oxide is one of the raw materials of corundum chromium. According to the chemical composition, the pink alumina classification standard (calculated by dry ore grade) specified for the quartz concentrate. Zircon also contains 30% ~ 35% SiO2. 

It is suggested that Na2O in white fused alumina should be combined into basic silicate by quartz sand in a suspension layer of 1100-1450 ℃, and then the sand should be screened out. The content of Na2O in alumina decreased from 0.65% to 0.05%. After the calcined alumina is crushed, acid treatment and water washing are carried out, black silicon carbide factory which can not only eliminate the iron in grinding, but also remove the sodium oxide.(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers germany)

The content of Na2O in all kinds of white aluminum oxide is reduced to 0.003% ~ 0.07% after acid treatment and water washing, while the content of Al2O3 is increased to 99.80% ~ 99.94%. Compared with wet process, the content of Na2O in dry process Abrasives after acid treatment and water washing is reduced by one order of magnitude. Therefore, the two raw materials are briefly introduced. Zircon (zrsio2), also known as hyacinth stone, is a natural black silicon carbide raw material.

(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers germany)Its theoretical composition is ZrO2, 67.2%, SiO2, 32.8%. The white corundum raw material often contains HFO, 0.5% ~ 3.0%, TiO2, 0% ~ 2% and trace rare earth oxides, so it has trace radioactivity. It is yellow brown, light yellow or light brown red, some of which are completely colorless or light gray. In the orthorhombic system, there are fine short column and biconical small crystals. The density is 4.6-4.7g/cm2 and the black aluminium oxide hardness is 7-8.

The presence of SiO2 not only consumes a considerable amount of carbon materials, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media iron scraps and electric energy, but also increases the viscosity of the molten liquid in the furnace, makes the furnace charge very easy to sinter, makes the electrode stick by the sintering block, and makes the green silicon carbide smelting operation more difficult; the CO gas generated by reduction reaction increases, and the phenomenon of furnace spray is easy to occur.(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers germany)

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