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Cheap Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Suppliers Russia

Since the reform and opening up, aluminium oxide 36 grit refractories in China have developed rapidly. Since Sanmenxia electric fused corundum plant, a corundum raw material base for refractories, was established in the early 1980s, there are more and more manufacturers of corundum materials. The aluminum oxide sandblasting media materials produced in China can not only meet the domestic market demand, but also export to foreign countries in large quantities.

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There are hundreds of enterprises producing electric fused black aluminum oxide blast media and sintered corundum in Henan alone, followed by Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Hunan There are also some factories producing corundum in Guizhou and other provinces. Not only the plate corundum can be produced by sintering, but also the plate aluminium oxide sandblasting can be produced by electric melting, and the sintered dense corundum can be produced by one-step process.

(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers russia)When selecting the hardness of abrasive tools, the following situations should be considered. Not only the brown corundum fused by domestic high alumina, the white corundum fused by industrial alumina, but also the natural first-class high alumina in our country is used to replace the industrial alumina to produce Al2O3, 98.5% sub black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit, and the dense corundum fused by industrial alumina. 

With the independent development of white fused alumina materials in China, corundum production enterprises from some advanced countries have also settled down in China. The refractory manufacturers of corundum have developed from several in the northeast and Shanghai in the past to nearly one hundred now, as well as dispersive pink aluminium oxide, and the quality and variety of corundum refractories are also improving year by year.(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers russia)

For example, Anmai aluminum, formerly an American aluminum company and now a Dutch company, white aluminum oxide has invested 18 million US dollars to build an integrated plate-shaped corundum production plant in Shandong Province, which also produces calcined alumina and active alumina, pure calcium aluminate cement and other products, breaking the situation that the corundum sand product has been monopolized by foreign companies for a long time. 

(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers russia)In 2006, a company in Hanzhong City of Shaanxi Province also used ultra-high temperature shaft kiln to successfully produce plate-shaped black synthetic corundum containing Al 203, 99.2%. And Al2O3 brick, Sialon combined corundum brick, Si3N combined corundum brick, chrome corundum brick, titanium corundum brick, fused cast AZS brick, sintered AZS brick, corundum mullite brick, corundum spinel brick, corundum silicon carbide brick, etc.

It can not only produce common sintered corundum products, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media products, special corundum refractory products, but also produce corundum hollow ball and its products, alumina refractory fiber, amorphous corundum refractory materials, high-purity dense corundum brick, etc. The production of new corundum materials plays an important role in the improvement of refractory performance and construction technology.(cheap aluminium oxide 36 grit suppliers russia)

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