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Cheap Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Wholesale Indonesia

In order to improve 60 grit aluminum oxide processing performance, rubber softener, filler and processing method should be selected; SBR vulcanization speed is slow, it is not sensitive to accelerator, vulcanization curve is flat, mainly for the preparation of fine grinding wheel, centerless grinding guide wheel, scorch time is long, and operation is safe. The 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media hardness of vulcanizate changed little. 

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There are three kinds of SBR used in the 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacture of rubber grinding tools: high temperature emulsion polymerized styrene-30, low temperature emulsion polymerized styrene-30 and oil filled styrene-butadiene. Therefore, it is not widely used in the abrasive industry. Styrene butadiene rubber is used in the 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturing of abrasive tools, cutting wheel, special polishing wheel and the wheel with special properties.

The hard rubber abrasive tool made of 150 grit aluminum oxide styrene butadiene rubber has the advantages of strong grinding force, heat resistance and wear resistance. Rubber has low elasticity and high plasticity, and its plasticity can range from 0.20 to 0.60, mostly in the range of 0.35 to 0.45. The process is simple, but the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight grinding wheel is worn fast, the geometric accuracy of the workpiece is difficult to guarantee, and the surface quality of the workpiece is not ideal.

The 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media hard vulcanized rubber abrasive tool made of high temperature emulsion polymerized hard styrene butadiene rubber has better heat resistance and wear resistance than the low temperature emulsion polymerized soft styrene butadiene rubber abrasive tool, the operation is safe and the 240 grit aluminum oxide production efficiency is high, which shows excellent cutting performance under dry grinding conditions without coolant.

In the 220 grit aluminum oxide production and test of rubber abrasives in China, the following kinds of rubber have also been used: sodium butadiene rubber is polymerized by bulk polymerization with butadiene as monomer under the catalysis of sodium metal, 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media which is the earliest variety of polybutadiene rubber and synthetic rubber. The heat resistance of Ding Najiao is higher than that of NR, and its decomposition temperature is above 220 ℃.

The white fused alumina characteristics of sodium butyrate gum are as follows: sodium butyrate gum is a yellowish, slightly smelly elastomer, with a density of 0.9-0.92g/cm, which can be dissolved in aliphatic and aromatic solvents such as benzene and gasoline, with good solubility. Under the action of light and heat, this 180 grit aluminum oxide phenomenon is more intense. This shows that oxygen has the effect of agglomeration on sodium butyrate gum.

Therefore, plastic refining is not required before mixing. In addition, due to the low molecular weight (the average molecular weight is about 80000-130000) and the irregular microstructure of the white aluminum oxide molecular chain, it will not produce crystallization at low temperature and under tensile stress, especially for making thin fine grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel, adding a large number of abrasives, so it is an amorphous rubber, but its cold resistance is inferior to NR.

Therefore, the strength of raw rubber is very low, it is easier to break and disintegrate. With this feature, the white corundum forming material can be crushed into granular loose material, and the thick abrasive body can be made by the molding method. The effect of oxygen on sodium butadiene rubber is similar to that of vulcanization process, even if the rubber becomes hard, the strength increases and the 80 grit aluminum oxide solubility decreases.

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