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Cheap Aluminium Oxide 99.9 Wholesale Suppliers Russia

Manual plate light source can be 1000W high pressure mercury lamp or 1500W argon lamp(brown fused alumina). It can also be developed according to the development parameters provided by the photosensitive film supplier. If it is not easy to peel off, it needs to be dried again(garnet abrasive). After 208-303, take it out to the light to check whether the development is qualified. The most shadowy screen is dried in an oven at about 40 ℃.

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The distance between lamps is about 60cm(silicon carbide abrasive). All the photographic films on the market come with exposure parameters. The simplest method of exposure is to press a clean glass onto the photographic plate and directly expose it in direct sunlight. The time depends on experience. Spray 40 ℃ warm water for about 1 min to dissolve the photosensitive glue(alumina polishing powder). Bubble treatment is the same as before after pasting.

(cheap aluminium oxide 99.9 wholesale suppliers russia)If it is well peeled, it means it has been dried(green silicon carbide). For example, for manual development, first prepare a water basin larger than silk mesh, put hot water at 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, and then move the photosensitive screen medicine upward and downward vigorously(garnet suppliers). After the development is qualified, shake it up and down in hot water for a few seconds, and wipe the back of the screen with absorbent cotton dipped in hot water.

When developing by hand, the action should be fast to prevent the photosensitive film from soaking in hot water for a long time, which will affect the development quality(black silicon carbide). Before drying, the light source should be checked again to see if the development quality is qualified(steel grid). If there is residual photosensitive glue on the picture and text, the residual glue should be removed before drying, and then rinse it with cold water.(cheap aluminium oxide 99.9 wholesale suppliers russia)

Finally, the moisture on the front of the photosensitive mold is absorbed by the clean absorbent cotton which is twisted out of the water(aluminum oxide abrasive). After drying, the screen plate can be exposed to light for another 2min ~ 4min to further solidify the photosensitive adhesive and improve its durability(silicon carbide abrasive powder). Commonly used are rubber scraper and polyurethane scraper. This method can also be called reverse sticking method.

(cheap aluminium oxide 99.9 wholesale suppliers russia)It was dried in a drying oven at 35 ℃ - 45 ℃ for about 10 min-15 min, and then the polyester protective film was removed(aluminum oxide grit). Then rinse with cold water, and wipe the back with absorbent cotton in case of washing with cold water. Attention should be paid to drying before the drug film and polyester film can be completely separated(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Otherwise, the drug film will be torn when the polyester film is separated.

Another method is to place the photosensitive film on a sponge with the drug film face up, and then align the sensitized or wetted screen face downward to the photosensitive film surface(synthetic corundum). First, contact an angle with the photosensitive film(aluminum oxide blasting). At this time, the photosensitive film will be automatically adsorbed on the screen surface, and then the screen frame can be put down to paste the photosensitive film.(cheap aluminium oxide 99.9 wholesale suppliers russia)

The former has poor solvent resistance and low hardness(emery abrasive), and is prone to elastic bending deformation in the silk screen printing process, thus affecting the clarity of the edge of the screen printing text. Now, in addition to some less demanding graphic printing, fine graphic printing has been rarely used(carborundum powder). Inspection method: take out the baked photosensitive screen and peel it at a corner. The time was about 2min ~ 4min.

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