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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Grit Manufacturers China

In the arc fused alumina abrasive industry, if we want to have a stable customer source to make the enterprise stronger and bigger, there is no shortcut, we can only rely on the quality of products. Zhengzhou Xinyu corundum from the unknown to the present thriving depends on stable quality and integrity management. The production of brown corundum abrasives cannot be sloppy.

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The secondary fused alumina sand is mainly used for sand blasting, polishing, grinding, anti-corrosion and rust removal, stone carving, abrasive cloth materials and other purposes. Compressed air can be pressed into the nozzle to spray to the parts, or sand and water can be put into the tank respectively, and then white aluminum oxide blast media mixed before flowing to the nozzle and then sprayed to the parts.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers china)

they can also be used for manufacturing advanced pink fused alumina refractory materials, which can be used in many industries. The grade of brown corundum is divided into grade I, grade I, grade II, grade II and grade III; there are grain size sand, segment sand and powder for users to choose from 4-325 mesh. corundum is the first choice for sand blasting. The aluminium oxide blasting abrasive used in wet sand blasting is the same as that used in dry sand blasting. 

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers china)Some of the brown fused alumina used in industrial production is a fixed model, for example, the ceramic grinding wheel must be grade I brown corundum, grade II can not meet the use standard, and the grinding wheel is cracked and the hardness is not up to the standard. The first grade brown corundum is suitable for precision casting, wear-resistant materials and other industries with high white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit abrasive requirements.

fused aluminium oxide abrasives are suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin high consolidation abrasives, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc. The white fused aluminum oxide abrasive and water can be mixed into mortar abrasive. For different effects, glass balls and carborundum can also be mixed. Compared with the first grade corundum, the alumina content of the second grade corundum is 85-90%, and its appearance is brown black.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers china)

The granularity can be processed and produced from brown aluminum oxide 4 mesh to 325 mesh, mainly used for polishing, grinding, industrial grinding, etc., and can also be processed by water washing, acid pickling and other methods according to the requirements of customers, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media which can meet the different needs of customers. The water content generally accounts for 20% - 35%, and it can be continuously stirred to prevent sinking. 

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers china)There are strict requirements for bauxite, iron scraps and other raw materials in the selection of raw materials, and aluminium oxide grit suppliers products with substandard raw materials are not so good. In order to prevent corrosion of steel parts, sodium nitrite and other corrosion inhibitors must be added into the water In addition, the sand shall be dried before the next use. In the process of production, the temperature of calcination, the rigor of crushing and screening, and the bagging of finished chrome corundum products are inseparable from a rigorous work attitude.

How to choose the mesh number of brown aluminium oxide in different sand blasting processes? Let's take a few examples: if tree fossil sand blasting is not required to use 18-24 mesh carborundum, if required, select the number according to the requirements. 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media for carbon steel sandblasting and glass beads for stainless steel. If there is no roughness requirement, 18-24 mesh can be used. Sandblasting glass is usually made of 60-80 mesh carborundum.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers china)

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