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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Grit Suppliers Belgium

With the price of bauxite and iron oxide rising, the corundum industry gradually feels the pressure of cost increasing, and the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit with the content of 70-80% in block is also gradually dried up. Most of the leftovers used to smelt brown corundum are not sold, most of them are filled into the ditch and discarded. In addition, we found that when someone was mining iron ore around, some ores with low iron content and aluminum oxide abrasive media content were also discarded or thrown away.

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The fixed furnace is a mature technology. Bauxite leftovers 60-70%, ferro white fused alumina ore 30-40%. It is better to add 0.3 ~ 0.5% of chromium dioxide. After smelting and melting, pour directly into the water jacket to receive the package for cooling; pour out the cooled materials for crushing to obtain the black corundum products for packaging. The internal quality of the fused alumina abrasive is stable, which not only reduces the cost but also makes full use of the waste materials.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers belgium)

All the domestic manufacturers of synthetic corundum price use the fixed furnace, but the fixed furnace has the following disadvantages in smelting black corundum: low temperature in the furnace; large crystal during melting and crystallization; frequent arcing; each time the fixed furnace is made into a furnace, the finished 100 grit aluminum oxide white products, waste materials and furnace body need to be cooled by water, and then broken again Crushing wastes a lot of electric energy; labor intensity is high.

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers belgium)At present, the fixed furnace is used in production. Therefore, we have developed a kind of white aluminum oxide and its smelting process by using the leftovers and waste materials: raw materials are added in the following proportion for smelting: The process of smelting black corundum with waste material is as follows: the raw material is mixed in proportion and broken; then it is added to the dump furnace for smelting, the 220 grit aluminum oxide control temperature is 1800 ℃ - 2050 ℃, and the time is 10-14 hours;

During smelting, the alumina grit control temperature is 2000 ℃, the time is 4 hours, and the cooling time is 12 hours. Using the above technical scheme, the temperature in the furnace can reach 2050 ℃, during the smelting and pouring process of the pouring furnace, the molten liquid is fully melted and rapidly cooled, which makes the brown fused alumina manufacturer crystallize, the crystal size can be controlled between 30-150 μ m, and increases the flexibility of the black corundum.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers belgium)

Reduce the number of arcing, thus reducing the emission of dust and harmful gases, brown aluminium oxide which is more conducive to environmental protection, and the furnace does not add carbon, which correspondingly improves the product quality. Compared with the fixed furnace, it can save 150kwh of electric energy per ton. Reduce labor force, and there is basically no return material and semi melt in the dumping furnace. After white fused alumina manufacturer adding chromium oxide, the wear resistance of the product is improved.

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers belgium)We know that the corundum abrasive content of these raw materials is also between 70% and 75%. It causes the waste of resources and the increase of cost. In magnetic separation, iron scraps are separated by magnetic separator, leaving only brown corundum or white corundum; brown corundum abrasives are called industrial "teeth" by the 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturing industry of various countries in the world, and are one of the main raw materials for the manufacturing of coated abrasives.

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