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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Grit Suppliers Switzerland

In the smelting of aluminum oxide abrasive, the constant power method is generally used for power transmission, and the power is required to fluctuate in a very small range, while the furnace resistance decreases with smelting time, which is a non control curve, which determines that the working current increases with green carborundum smelting time.

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Under the constant voltage, the increase of aluminum oxide grit current causes the increase of power. When the specified constant power value is reached, the working voltage is adjusted down to slightly reduce the power, so as to basically meet the requirements of constant power. Therefore, in the smelting process, the silicon carbide price working current is gradually rising, and the working voltage is gradually decreasing.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers switzerland)

The factors that affect the furnace resistance are as follows: the factors that determine the resistance of the brown aluminium oxide furnace core body, the furnace core material: the furnace core material is usually the graphite (mixture of the old furnace core and the decomposed graphite), and the scale natural graphite and petroleum coke are also used in special occasions. The white alumina powder furnace core has large load, high temperature and thick decomposition layer.

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers switzerland)The range of resistivity of the out of furnace graphite is small, and that of the scale natural graphite is large. The average resistivity of petroleum coke powder is about 1.7 times of that of out of furnace graphite. Filling density of furnace core material: when the furnace core is installed, the pressure on the furnace core material increases the filling density of the material, silicon carbide companies which can significantly reduce the furnace resistance.

Core size: follow the white aluminum oxide resistance law, the resistance is proportional to the core length, and inversely proportional to the core area. Purity of furnace core material: the higher the resistance of furnace core is, the more impurities such as out of furnace graphite mixed with spent material and silicon carbide are. Factors determining the resistance of the decomposed graphite layer: the resistance of the decomposed graphite layer is related to its thickness, and the 220 grit aluminum oxide larger the thickness, the smaller the resistance.

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers switzerland)In fact, the furnace resistance is the total resistance of four parts of resistance parallel circuit: furnace core, decomposing graphite layer, silicon carbide layer and furnace charge. The decomposing graphite for Smelting SiC in China is very thick, so the resistance is small. Temperature, charge ratio and white aluminum oxide blast media smelting time are the main factors affecting the thickness composition of decomposed graphite.

The resistivity of different carbonaceous materials is different, and the white fused alumina resistance curve of furnace is also different. The larger the ratio of SiO2: C is, the thinner the layers are. The longer smelting time is, the thicker the decomposed graphite layer is. The resistivity of SiC crystal layer is higher than that of core and decomposed graphite layer, about 40 Ω· cm2 / m. In the smelting process, the thickness of silicon carbide layer keeps expanding, white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit which makes the resistance decrease.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers switzerland)

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