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In general, regularly check whether there are materials entering the exhaust dust collector, which will affect the gas emission(sandblasting grit); regularly check whether there is material leakage in the filter bag of the exhaust dust collector; regularly check whether the soft connection of the air supply pipeline falls off(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh); regularly check whether there is material feeding in the air chamber of the chute.

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This improvement reduces the exhaust dust collector and increases the service life of the exhaust dust collector by more than 30%(aluminium oxide grit manufacturers). Although the dilute phase conveying equipment is simple, small in floor area, good in sealing and flexible in configuration, it will be gradually replaced by dense phase conveying and ultra dense phase conveying due to the above defects(white aluminium oxide manufacturer); regularly maintain the fan and pipeline valve.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive manufacturers panama)

Dilute phase transportation is the traditional way to transport alumina materials in China's aluminum plants(brown aluminum oxide abrasive). Most aluminum plants, especially small ones, still use this way to transport alumina. The system is mainly composed of pressure pump and conveying pipeline, and the conveying distance is generally about 400m(refractory grade black silicon carbide). If the screen is installed from the storage tank to the main chute, the sundries shall be checked and handled frequently.

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive manufacturers panama)The dilute phase conveying system uses 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa compressed air as the power source(garnet mesh 30 60), and directly presses the alumina materials from the storage bin to the high storage bin of the next system through the bin pump. In particular, the flue gas purification system of large-scale electrolysis series has relatively high requirements on the particle size of materials(brown fused alumina size sand), which is not suitable for large-scale electrolysis series.

Compressed air is directly driven to act on the single particle of alumina raw material as dynamic pressure, that is(sponge media abrasive blasting), the kinetic energy of compressed air is transferred to the transported material, which makes the material flow forward in the state of suspension or group suspension(brown fused alumina mesh size F20). In order to ensure the normal operation of dense phase transportation equipment, the pipeline should be inspected regularly to ensure no leakage.(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive manufacturers panama)

Due to the energy transfer by kinetic energy conversion in dilute phase transportation and the requirement of high wind speed in suspended state transportation (the material flow rate in the conveying pipe is very fast(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit), up to about 30m / s), part of the energy will be lost in the process of energy transfer(white fused alumina for refractory), and the friction loss between suspended particles and the pipe wall, and the solid gas ratio is very low (mass ratio is 5 ~ 10).

(cheap aluminium oxide abrasive manufacturers panama)Before each operation(brown aluminum oxide suppliers), the dense phase conveying material delivery tank shall be inspected, and the problems found shall be handled in time to ensure that the pneumatic butterfly valve, control system and monitoring system of the dense phase conveying tank are normal. In order to ensure the efficient, the energy consumption is high(pink fused alumina factory), stable and safe operation of the equipment, and whether the pressure reducing valve has air leakage.

The conveying principle is that the transported material is located at the upper part of the permeable layer(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers), and the air is sent to the lower part of the permeable layer, which is distributed between the material particles through the porous layer with dense gaps, so that the material is gasified to change the friction angle of the material(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), and the material conveying purpose is achieved by the formed flow state sliding down along the natural slope.

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