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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Blasting Grit Suppliers In Japan

The smelting process of aluminium oxide 36 grit can also be divided into five stages: furnace opening, smelting, control, refining, and cooling. There are three arc starting methods for white corundum smelting: paper tube, charcoal rod and charcoal. Place three paper tubes with a diameter of about 100 mm and a height of about 150 mm on the hearth facing the end of the three electrodes.

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The paper tube is filled with carbon particles with a particle size of about 10 mm. The paper tube is surrounded by black aluminum oxide blast media with a particle size of not more than 20mm. After the power is supplied, the arc will start when the electrode slowly drops. Take special care with the landing electrodes to avoid arc breaks due to improper operation. The corundum sand advantages of this method are less carbon, fast arc starting and simple operation.(cheap aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in japan)

The disadvantage is that it has an erosion effect on the furnace bottom and affects the service life of the black fused alumina furnace bottom. Lay the aluminum oxide powder on the bottom of the furnace, and then use three suitable carbon rods to form a star (or triangle). At the contact point of the three carbon rods, put an appropriate amount of carbon particles of about 10mm. the electrode is dropped on the aluminum oxide sandblasting media carbon rod and arced.

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in japan)This arc starting method uses less carbon, has no erosion on the bottom of the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media furnace, has fast arc starting, but is more troublesome to operate. When placing the charcoal rod, the aluminum oxide powder on the bottom layer should be solid, and surrounded by the black synthetic corundum powder. After the arc is started, when there is a considerable amount of melt in the furnace, the three carbon rods need to be removed one by one.

Dig three grooves made into a star shape on the surface of the fused aluminium oxide powder at the bottom of the furnace. Spread charcoal in the trench, the amount depends on the size of the furnace, but it must be spread tightly to ensure good contact. Then drop the electrode so that it falls securely on the top of the star triplet, and then the arc can be transmitted. A slightly higher current can be used during black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit arcing.

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in japan)After the power is supplied, When the current rises to 1000A, white fused alumina waste material with a block size of not more than 10mm can be appropriately added to the charcoal, so that the molten aluminum oxide powder is further compacted. Feeding can be done when the current rises to 3000A, but the aluminum oxide for sand blaster feeding should not be too fast, so as to avoid interrupting the arc and causing arc break.

Reduce the loss of cold pressing mold. Under the chemical action of the pink fused alumina surface of the workpiece, a layer of compound film is quickly formed. This layer of film has chemical protection. Once the surface film is formed, it is difficult to deepen it, but it can be removed by the aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasive. Processing creates very good conditions. Charcoal arc starting method is simple, economical and easy to operate.

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in japan)The improper operation may break the arc. But this is not consistent with reality. Therefore, by limiting the white aluminum oxide surface analysis, the polishing process of high purity fused aluminum oxide is a process in which the compound film formed on the highly convex part of the polished surface is continuously removed and formed quickly. Obviously, the purifying effect is not comprehensive.

Because the thickness of the oxide film is 14, the chrome corundum compound film formed is about 20-70, and the peak of roughness of the polished surface is much larger than it. In addition, polishing or grinding is not only a continuous process of removing the composite film by the pink aluminium oxide, but also has a cutting effect on the surface layer, and chemical action accelerates the polishing and grinding process of white corundum.(cheap aluminium oxide blasting grit suppliers in japan)

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