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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Blasting Suppliers In Japan

White corundum abrasives have a well-known characteristic, that is, hydrophilicity. How do you understand this? The white corundum abrasive manufacturers will explain the hydrophilicity of white corundum abrasives. The so-called hydrophilicity is the ability to attract water molecules. The molecules with polar groups on the surface of many aluminum oxide abrasive materials have a large affinity for water and are easily wetted by water.

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Arc breaking characteristics: no current display, no sound in the furnace, no flash between the electrodes. Generally, white fused alumina have such properties, and the abrasiveness of white corundum abrasives is more ideal, which is mainly related to the properties of their materials. In fact, the degree of hydrophilicity has a greater impact on the degree of binding of abrasives and binders. Generally speaking, the stronger the degree of binding of aluminum oxide grit abrasives with a binder, the better; otherwise, the worse the degree of binding. 

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers in japan)For different products, the hydrophilicity varies greatly, mainly depending on the processing method, chemical composition and surface quality of the product. Cause: The arc starting rod is not fixed well, the rod is moved too early, and the melt is small; the feeding is too fast, the aluminum and oxygen are immersed in the current path, and the black alumina furnace reacts to form a hard block, and the electrode is blocked from falling.

Solution: Check well before arcing; catch the carbon rods after the white aluminum oxide furnace is stable; pay attention to the feeding speed; move the electrode in time to the furnace; restart the arc. Charging furnace characteristics: The melt flows rapidly back and forth in the solid powdery material, agitating a large amount of corundum white powder, sometimes causing arc breaks, which generally occurs within 10 hours after the furnace is turned on.(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers in japan)

Cause: Thick material layer on the side, silicon carbide companies small melting surface of the furnace bottom, uneven feeding, resulting in uneven heating, when a certain part of the melt is in contact with the furnace wall or the pressure in the furnace is high, the melt is ejected and a large amount of cold material flows in . Solution: Use lower voltage in the first few hours to expand the aluminium oxide abrasive grit melting surface and increase the liquid volume; in severe cases, break the hard block, level the charge, and completely process it.

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers in japan)Shooting characteristics: The green carborundum furnace blasted suddenly, emitting a lot of hot gas and fire. When there was no furnace lining, the furnace shell at the shooting area turned red, which caused a furnace leak in severe cases. Cause: The bottom of the furnace, the furnace lining is wet, the fused aluminum oxide raw materials are wet, the external water is immersed, the material layer is too thick, and the improper operation causes the pressure in the furnace to be too high.

Solution: prevent the bottom of the furnace from being wet; control the moisture of the raw materials; strengthen the operation to ensure the uniform layer of the material; increase the cooling water amount of the non-lined furnace; handle in time to break the agglomerates and level the charge; , The black synthetic corundum melt tumbling over the material layer, in serious cases, the feeding is difficult to hold down, and even a furnace leakage accident occurs.(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers in japan)

Causes: improper operation, uneven or unsuitable feeding, silicon carbide price too thin material layer on the outside of the electrode, too close to the furnace wall, too low voltage, etc. Solution: Add white corundum spent material outside the electrode, granularity 20-40mm; adjust the voltage or electrode distance; reduce the current, reduce the input 100 grit aluminum oxide media power, increase the amount of cooling water; stop the furnace treatment if necessary.

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