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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Blasting Suppliers Portugal

A layer of natural oxide film can easily grow on the surface of cathode aluminum box for aluminum electrolytic capacitor(emery abrasive). Its thickness depends on the purity of raw materials, processing conditions and storage environment. For example, the common cathode specific volume of low-voltage box is 220-560pf / cm(garnet sand). At present, the national standard stipulates that the products with 6.3 ~ 160V can withstand the reverse voltage of 1V.

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When G sample is in ground light, if it is difficult to remove the rough outline mark(aluminum oxide abrasive), or if the sample after ground lighting is observed under the micro key, it is found that the test fruit holding is affected by pit and other conditions, the sample shall be re ground. The capacity of the oxide film medium formed on the surface of the cathode box is the cathode capacity C(garnet abrasive). Generally, the thickness of oxide film can reach 5-10 mm. Use high purity cathode aluminum box.

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers portugal)The cathode aluminum box after hydration treatment is mainly used(silicon carbide abrasive). If the capacitor is used in the pulsating circuit, when the alternating voltage is negative half a cycle, it is equivalent to adding voltage to the cathode aluminum box and thickening the oxide film. In addition, the harmful impurities such as CIF and so form acid in the presence of aqueous solution(steel grid), when it is used in pulsating circuit, which directly corrodes the film and aluminum box.

In order to reduce the influence of the additional capacitance (cathode capacity and electrolytic paper capacity) on the aluminum electrolytic capacitor(aluminum oxide grit), a stable high-quality oxide film with a certain thickness was formed on the surface of the cathode by electrochemical methods instead of the pure natural oxide film(garnet suppliers). Note: the sample can also be polished by electrolysis, mechanochemistry or chemical polishing after roughening on sandpaper.(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers portugal)

How does the existence of cathode capacity affect the electrical performance of capacitor(green silicon carbide)? From the structure of capacitor, the additional capacitance C formed by cathode and the capacitance C of anodic oxide film form a series relationship. Because of the existence of cathode capacity(abrasive blast media), the capacitance of capacitor will be reduced, and the stability of polar capacity will greatly affect the stability and life characteristics of capacitor performance.

(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers portugal)Because the electrolytic capacitor has polarity(synthetic corundum), the instantaneous peak value of AC voltage may make the capacitor in reverse state, so the ability of electrolytic capacitor to withstand reverse voltage must be considered. It is assumed that the AC voltage of the electrolytic capacitor in the pulsating circuit is a sine wave, which is superimposed on the DC voltage U_ Go ahead(glass bead blasting media suppliers). All of these reasons lead to the increase of leakage current.

For aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the ability to withstand reverse voltage mainly depends on the thickness of oxide film on the cathode box(black silicon carbide). For low-voltage capacitors, the thickness of the natural oxide film on the cathode box has a certain thickness relative to the anodic oxide film, so it can withstand a certain value of reverse voltage(sponge media abrasive). The long-term storage or inventory products should be re aged (also known as voltage treatment).(cheap aluminium oxide blasting suppliers portugal)

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