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Cheap Aluminium Oxide For Blasting Suppliers Mexico

With the help of the rotation of the material tray and the function of the scraper plate(black silicon carbide manufacturers), the material is turned and fed into the operation track of the high speed counter clockwise rotating rotor for mixing. In the mixing plate of the mixer, the mixing star and high-speed rotor are installed eccentrically(white fused alumina abrasives). In the process of continuous and counter current high strength mixing, the materials can be mixed uniformly in a short time.

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Generally, the mixing degree can be achieved within 60 ~ 120 s(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The strong counter current mixer consists of a rotating material plate, a mixing star, a high-speed rotor, a fixed scraper, a discharge door, a hydraulic device, a frame and a sealing shield, etc(white corundum price). The strong counter current mixer is a mixing equipment which uses the principle of counter current relative motion to make the materials disperse and mix repeatedly.

It is composed of large chassis, lining plate, side wall of shroud, large gear ring, etc(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). The small spur gear is meshed with the big gear ring on the disc to drive the disc to rotate. The rotating speed of the disc is 6-10r / min(brown alumina abrasive). The material tray rotates at a low speed and clockwise direction, continuously feeding the material into the operation track of the medium speed counter clockwise rotating mixing star. 

The diameter of the chassis is 1400-2200mm, and the side wall height of the shroud is 2-3 times the thickness of the material layer(white fused alumina). The rotating disc is supported on a circle of balls. The ball diameter is 40mm, sealed with labyrinth. The mixing capacity of different disc diameters is generally 500 ~ 15001(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). The rotating disc is composed of motor, reducer and small spur gear. It is installed at the eccentricity of the material tray.

Mixing tools can be made into scraper(white aluminum oxide), kneading bar, blade and alkali wheel according to the properties of the mixed materials (particle size, viscosity, fluidity, etc.). The arc-shaped steel plate connected on the frame extends to the material tray to block the reverse direction of the material(white aluminium oxide 180/220). A hydraulic system composed of oil pump, oil tank, oil cylinder and pipeline valve body is used to control the opening and closing of discharge valve.

The rotating speed of mixing is about 40R / min, and the rotating diameter is about 60% of the diameter of the material tray(white corundum), which can not only maintain the effective working area, but also exceed the discharge hole in the center of the material tray, so that the mixed material can be discharged quickly and cleanly(brown aluminium oxide grit). The common equipments of this method are friction press, lever press and hydraulic press. Rotating disc and transmission device.

The motor is driven by a V-belt pulley to make it rotate at a high speed, with a rotating speed of 400-1200 R / min and a peripheral speed of about 10-30 M / s(arc fused alumina). The high-speed rotors are H-type, W-type, drum type, etc., so as to adapt to mixing materials of different properties(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The acceleration of the material on the outer edge of the high-speed rotor is very high, forming a certain inertia force, which makes the material be kneaded.

The center part at the bottom of the material tray is a steel structure valve body, which is opened and closed by a hydraulic cylinder(fused alumina). The discharge door is supported on the rolling bearing by a short shaft, and rotates with the material tray when it is closed(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). The steel structure frame, the lower beam support the whole body, the upper beam support the mixing star, the high-speed rotor transmission mechanism and the connection fixed scraper.

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