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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Grit Blasting Vendor Brazil

For example, the main production processes of a factory of general refractories company of the United States(brown aluminium oxide), at the same time, a factory of basic refractories company of France and a factory of refractories company of Quebec of Canada are all controlled by electronic computers, the labor productivity is 787 tons / year(silicon carbide 180 grit), which is conducive to the improvement of product quality.

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In 1979, the average labor productivity of China's refractory industry was 145 tons / person / year(silicon carbide grit), including 102 tons / person / year for bricks and 326 tons / person / year for amorphous refractories. In addition, it is of great significance to test the high temperature properties of the products under the conditions of simulating the specific use conditions(carborundum grit), such as slag corrosion, vacuum, reducing atmosphere and different oxygen partial pressure.

The labor productivity of multi type refractory plants is relatively low, generally 97-180 tons / person / year(carborundum abrasives); the labor productivity of single type refractory plants is relatively high, for example, a factory of Japan's heiqi furnace material company only produces sticky bricks(aluminum oxide sandblasting), and Kuroda of Pinchuan refractory company produces amorphous refractory materials, with a total labor productivity of 5l1 tons / person / year.

In addition, the testing technology and scientific research work of refractory products also have great development(green silicon carbide powder). With the improvement of production automation, so the inspection technology of special damage has developed greatly. Therefore, with the renewal of equipment(carborundum grit suppliers), the improvement of h-mobility and the improvement of production management, the labor productivity of refractory industry is also increasing.

The high temperature thermal conductivity of the products is measured by the hot wire method(black silicon carbide powder); the high temperature creep is measured for more than ten thousand hours on the load softening temperature device(silicon carbide grit suppliers); the high temperature bending resistance furnace and the full-automatic thermal expansion instrument are used to measure the high temperature bending strength and thermal expansion rate respectively, etc.

Modern instruments such as high temperature X-ray diffractometer, scanning electron microscope(brown fused alumina), electron probe and transmission electron microscope are widely used in foreign countries to conduct in-depth research on the production process, the customized slag resistance is measured by the rotary resistance furnace(carborundum powder); use process and damage mechanism of refractories, more than double the labor productivity of the 1960s.

The main topics are: the technological principle of making fine materials(silicon carbide abrasive grit), products are required to be tested on the production line, the exploration of new binders, the research on sintering mechanism, matrix materials and organizational structure of products, etc The influence of different service conditions on lining damage mechanism(aluminum oxide blasting). The brick is characterized by good thermal shock stability and strong erosion resistance.

It is successfully used in cement rotary kiln and other equipment, that is, it is easy to hang the kiln skin and has a long life(brown aluminum oxide). These products basically meet the needs of the development of industrial kilns, and the future direction is mainly to develop new energy-saving refractories(silicon carbide abrasive powder). Silicon carbide brick is made of silicon carbide sand, carbon, silicon carbide and resin binder, which are dried and fired at 2000 ° high temperature.

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