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Aluminum electrolysis electrical protection technology is a branch of electrical protection technology(silicon carbide price). The principles and principles of electrical protection are unified with the entire electrical protection technical standard, and it is unique in combination with the characteristics of its own equipment(low soda alumina). Provide the power factor of the system so that the average power factor of the test point can reach the requirement of 0.94.

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When the main protection is not activated, the near backup or far backup will remove the fault to minimize the area of power failure(fused alumina). The controller tracks and measures the power factor of the load in real time, compares it with the preset value, and dynamically controls the switching of different sets of capacitors to ensure that the power factor always meets the set requirements(garnet abrasive price). The maximum loss of the filter compensation device is required.(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers indonesia)

The measuring element measures the relevant physical quantities (such as current, voltage, impedance, power direction, etc.) input from the protected object, and compares them with the setting value of the protection device(green carborundum). According to the comparison result, it gives "yes", "no", etc. with "0" Or a group of logic signals of "1" nature to determine whether the protection should be activated(240 grit aluminum oxide). Over-protection (such as current protection) KI that acts in response to a rise in value.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers indonesia)The logic element makes the protection device work according to a certain Boolean logic and sequential logic according to the size, nature(black oxide aluminum), output logic state, sequence of appearance, or their combination of the measured part of the output, and finally determines whether it should trip or send a signal, and related The command is passed to the actuator(steel shot abrasive). Logic loops include: OR, AND, NOT, delayed start, delayed return, memory, etc.

The controller actuator activates the protection device according to the signal transmitted by the logic element, trips the circuit breaker or sends out an alarm signal(silicon carbide companies). The basic requirements of electrical protection For relay protection that acts on tripping, there are generally four basic requirements that should be met technically: selectivity, quick-action, sensitivity, and reliability, that is, the four characteristics of protection(white fused aluminium oxide). The principle of electrical protection.(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers indonesia)

Technical requirements for reactor selection: The reactor is a dry-type hollow reactor, wrapped with epoxy glass fiber, multi-layer parallel structure, and natural cooling(glass beads supplier). The mode of inductance adjustment is mechanical continuous inductance adjustment; each phase reactor of the filter branch does not exceed ±1% of the three-phase average value(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The selectivity means that the fault point will act within the zone and not act outside the zone.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers indonesia)Quickly remove faults and improve system stability; reduce user action time under low voltage; reduce the damage of faulty components to avoid further expansion of faults(arc fused alumina). The general fast protection action time is 0.06~0.12s, the fastest can reach 0.01~0.04s; the action time of the circuit breaker is 0.06~0.15s, the fastest can reach 0.02~0.06s(60 grit aluminum oxide). Electrical protection consists of three parts: measuring components, logic components and actuators.

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