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What parts of the aluminum reduction workshop and pre compensation aluminum reduction cell are provided with electrical insulation, and what are the insulation requirements(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel)? In the workshop of aluminum reduction cell production series, in addition to the electrical insulation set during the manufacturing of live equipment, strong dc current is transmitted(alumina sand).

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The series DC voltage is more than hundreds of volts, and the highest series voltage is as high as 1300V(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). Although the zero voltage is set at the midpoint of the series, the voltage to ground at both ends of the series is still as high as about 650V. In case of short circuit, personal and equipment accidents are easy to occur(aluminium oxide blasting). So far, industrial aluminum electrolysis has adopted carbon electrodes-carbon cathodes and carbon anodes.

The following points must also be achieved(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel): metal tracks and sewer pipes should not be set within 2.5m from the electrolytic cell, conductive bus and trench cover plate(corundum sand); Metal embedded parts shall not be set below 4m of columns in the plant; Direct current is used for electrolysis, and alternating current is used for electrical equipment on the tank and in the workshop(aluminium oxide blast media). There are two types of steel claws on each anode block: 4 claws and 3 claws. 

If the direct current flows into the AC system, it will not only cause the loss of this part of direct current, but also cause equipment accidents(180 grit aluminum oxide). It is necessary to isolate the alternating current and direct current(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). The steel claw head and the aluminum guide rod are connected by aluminum-steel explosive welding, so that the anode guide rod and the anode carbon block are connected as a whole to form an anode carbon block group. 

When the support between columns is of metal structure, wooden maintenance fence shall be set below the elevation of 4m of the operation layer(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The cathode structure comprises a tank shell, a bottom lining, a side lining and a cathode carbon block group(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). The distance between the stack on the inner wall of the workshop and the outer end of the groove shell and metal trench cover plate shall not be less than 1.5m(aluminum oxide blasting grit). 

The parts where the rectifier circuit bus outside the workshop is exposed below the ground 3.5m shall be isolated by protective net(aluminum oxide abrasive powder); The construction, welding, overhaul, maintenance and operation management during workshop production must comply with relevant safety regulations(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). Therefore, the pre-melted anode carbon block composition is the only anode material currently used in modern aluminum electrolysis cells.

In addition to the insulation guarantee of the above facilities in China(120 grit aluminum oxide), in order to prevent electrical short circuit or personal electric shock accident in the production process, reliable electrical safety insulation measures must be ensured for the electrolytic cell, crown block, cell control box, aluminum bus, trench cover plate, operation floor, pipeline and support and other facilities in the electrolytic workshop(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel).

The single-layer graphite block used for heat dissipation has serious side leakage and high power consumption(steel grid); Graphite exposed to air is easy to be oxidized, which is easy to form early damage and shorten the service life of electrolytic plants. The anode of each large pre-melting tank is generally composed of dozens of anode carbon block groups(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). The insulation requirements of these facilities are shown in the table(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit).

The calculation of the smoke exhaust volume of the pre culture tank is not based on the generated smoke volume, but on the parameters such as the gas collection efficiency of the tank cover(aluminum oxide sand), the distance from the material surface of the tank cover to the exhaust outlet of the exhaust flue in the cover, the control wind speed of the exhaust outlet of the exhaust duct in the cover, the tank capacity and the size of the tank chamber(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). 

The low-voltage DC power obtained through the above process can be directly sent to the electrolytic cell for aluminum electrolysis production(100 grit aluminum oxide). What are the general parts of the pre compensation aluminum reduction cell structure(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel)? The side wall of the lining must choose a material with better heat dissipation to meet the heat balance of the normal production of the electrolytic cell, especially at the junction of air and electrolyte. 

Moreover, in order to ensure normal production, the door-shaped column and the trough shell have been strictly insulated(garnet sand). The macrostructure of carbon materials is usually characterized by parameters such as true density, bulk density, porosity and gas permeability. At this time, the following deficiencies of graphite lining are more and more obvious(aluminum oxide grit blasting). The reinforcement and iron wire in the column shall not be exposed(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). 

However, as the capacity of the electrolytic cell continues to expand, the increase in current intensity greatly increases the heat obtained by the electrolytic cell’s molten pool(aluminium oxide sand), while the heat dissipation area of the cell shell does not increase proportionally, and there is a higher requirement for side heat dissipation(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). It is inevitable that the door-shaped column is made of U-shaped steel butt-welded into a door-shaped shape. 

Then, what kind of anode is used in the aluminum electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide abrasive media)? In aluminum electrolysis production, the cryolite-alumina system high temperature molten salt electrolyte is used, which is extremely corrosive(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). As cathode and anode materials, it is required to have good electrical conductivity, but also to withstand high temperatures and resist this strong corrosiveness(aluminum oxide for sale). So far, only carbon products are available.

On the upper surface of the anode carbon block in the conductive direction, there are 2-4 circular grooves with a diameter of 160-180mum and a depth of 80-110mm, commonly known as a carbon bowl(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). When the anode is assembled, the carbon bowl is used to hold the anode claw head, using phosphorous pig iron. Pour the anode claws into the charcoal bowl(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). The anode carbon block group is divided into single anode and double anode.

Electrolyzers of 200kA and below generally use a single carbon block anode group(black silicon carbide). If a single anode is used, the number of anode groups is greater than that of the electrolytic cell above 200kA. The number of days of the pole cycle, each tank needs to be replaced with more than one set of anodes per day(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). In order to reduce the number of pole-changing operations, double-carbon block anode groups are mostly used(70 grit aluminum oxide).

Therefore, the pre-melted anode design parameters of some factories at home and abroad are shown in the table(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). Compared with the self-baked anode in the past, the pre-culture anode operation is simpler, the anode voltage drop is lower(80 grit aluminum oxide), it is easy to realize mechanization and automation, eliminates the pitch smoke in the electrolysis process, and is conducive to the development of the electrolytic cell in the direction of large capacity. 

The final single anode and double anode pre-cultured anode carbon block group is shown in the figure(green silicon carbide). The lower part of the column is connected to the tank shell with a hinge through the column support to eliminate the relative deformation caused by the force deformation and high temperature expansion and deformation between the tank shell and the upper structure(alumina abrasive). Displacement and facilitate overhaul(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers israel). 

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