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Applicable when the entire molten steel is micro-injected by the down-casting method(silicon carbide grit), the method adopted by the sample hospital is: such as pouring killed steel, Dongke is saying that the injection liquid reaches the position of the heat preservation cap and is higher Take it when the steel mirror body is about 50~100mm(corundum sand). The reduction analysis should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding current national standards.

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If boiling steel is injected, it should be taken when the injection reaches 100~150mm from the specified height(220 grit aluminum oxide). The sample scraps of the finished product analysis should be taken according to one of the following methods. -Like keys should not have pores and patterns(black aluminum oxide media). When injecting molten steel into the mold, the flow should be uniform, and the steel should not be irritated or overflowed, and the nuclear volatilization will not fill up.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers united states)At this time, the drilling depth should reach the center of the steel or steel damaged shaft(60 grit aluminum oxide). When the sampling method fails to comply with the provisions of this article, or when only one plate of steel keys is poured, a sampling method different from the provisions of this article is required(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), the supplementary measures shall be formulated by Gongguang and reported to the superior company or the competent authority for approval.

Each sample should be inspected and qualified by the inspector(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit), and the melting number and sample number should be marked on the sample. When determining the chemical composition of the molten steel, two sample mirrors were taken from each Bosteel liquid(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), the second sample was used for re-inspection, and the sample was taken in the middle of the molten steel pouring.(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers united states)

Boiling steel can add an appropriate amount of high-grade aluminum to make it calm(white fused aluminium oxide). The required smelting analysis sampling is applicable to the smelting analysis of open hearth, converter and electric arc furnace steelmaking, and the smelting analysis of electroslag furnace, vacuum brain and vacuum consumable furnace steelmaking(aluminium oxide polishing powder). When the following methods cannot be adopted, it shall be agreed between the supplier and the buyer.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers united states)Method summary Hollow forgings or pipe fittings with large surfaces should be drilled from the middle part of the inner and outer surfaces of the wall thickness(brown corundum abrasive), or the entire end is cross-cut and wound up. The size of the sample model can be: the inner diameter of the lower light is 30~5Gmm, the inner diameter of the part is 40~60mm(white aluminum oxide powder). E three makes the mold column internal sales concentrated calmly condensation.

The initial failure of large section, billet, slab, round pot, square steel, forging steel, etc.(240 grit aluminum oxide), the sample brush should be taken from the entire cross section or half of the cross section of the steel, or from the center to the edge of the copper cross section The middle part (or 1/4 of the diagonal) is drilled parallel to the axis(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit); or drilled perpendicular to the shaft centerline from the side of the steel(silicon carbide 180 grit), or it can be determined by the worker.(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers united states)

For rimmed steel, and only one plate of copper keys is poured(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media), no analysis of the finished product will be done unless there are special provisions in the technical conditions or in the agreement between the two parties. The chemical analysis of steel is carried out in accordance with the corresponding current national standards or other methods that can ensure the accuracy of the standards(chrome corundum), and the height is 70~12Am.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit manufacturers united states)The allowable deviation of the chemical composition of the finished product means that the value of the smelting analysis is within the range specified by the standard(aluminum oxide grit), but due to the analysis of the elements in the steel, the value of the Weipin analysis may exceed the range of the standard specified composition(aluminum oxide blasting media). The sampling method shall be formulated by the factory itself, or according to relevant technology The stipulation of the conditions.

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