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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Brazil

The main chemical composition of brown fused alumina is AL2O3, whose content is 94.5% -97%, and it also contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti and so on. The grade of brown corundum is particularly clear. Above 90 content can become first-grade aluminum oxide grit. The content of second-grade brown corundum is about 80 or more.

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The third grade of brown aluminum oxide is not differentiated by content, but the hardness and some other Factors to distinguish. Brown corundum is a common and important abrasive. Brown corundum, also known as emery, is a brown artificial corundum, brown corundum abrasive made by synthetic corundum melting and reducing three kinds of raw materials such as alumina, carbon materials and iron filings in an electric furnace. 

(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers brazil)white corundum market is used for free grinding of kinescopes, optical glass, single crystal silicon, lenses, watch glass, crystal glass and other fields. Sandblasting-moderate abrasive hardness, high bulk density, no free silica, high specific gravity, good toughness, is an ideal environmentally friendly emery abrasive sandblasting material, widely used in copper profiles glass, washed denim, aluminum profiles and other fields.

Filter media-a new field of abrasive media, using granular abrasives as the bottom media for filter beds, silicon carbide abrasive purifying drinking water or wastewater secondary brown corundum, is a new type of water filter material at home and abroad, and is especially suitable for non-ferrous metal beneficiation: petroleum drilling mud Heavier. Resin Abrasives-Abrasives have the right color, good hardness, toughness, corundum abrasive suitable particle cross-section type and cutting edge retention.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers brazil)They are ideal for resin abrasives. Hydraulic cutting--It uses green silicon carbide abrasive as cutting medium and relies on high-pressure hydraulic jet for basic cutting. It is used for cutting oil (natural gas) pipelines, steel and other components. It is a new, environmentally friendly and safe cutting method. The main chemical composition of aluminum oxide abrasive media is AL2O3, whose content is 94.5% -97%, and it is rich in a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti and so on.

Functional fillers-mainly used for automobile brake parts, special tires, special construction products, etc. black silicon carbide can be used to build highway pavements, aircraft runways, docks, parking lots, industrial floors, stadiums, etc. Coated Abrasives-Abrasives are raw materials produced by manufacturers such as sandpaper and gauze. alumina abrasive is mainly used for free grinding--abrasive-grade abrasives.(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers brazil)

In general, the main aluminum oxide abrasive material of pure emery is csi, csi is an atomic crystal; atomic crystals are non-conductive. However, if the proportion of carbon and silicon is appropriate, it can be a semiconductor. This kind of semiconductor, such as silicon and germanium, is a special kind of semiconductor material. Even if the 100 grit aluminum oxide white temperature is as high as one thousand degrees, it still has the properties of a semiconductor.

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