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The material size is usually expressed by the average diameter D or D(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). After repeated research, it is found that when the pressure of the dissolver is 2.84mpa ± 0.49mpa, the temperature is 240 ~ 245 ℃, and the dissolution time is not less than 2h, it is the optimal condition for dissolving diaspore, that is, it is the most in line with the requirements of engineering concept.

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In the three-dimensional space, let B represent the width of the block, l represent the length of the block, and H represent the height of the block. In this way, the process is simplified, the equipment investment is relatively reduced, and the structure of civil engineering plant is simple(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). In fact, the work consumed by the newly increased surface area in the crushing process accounts for only a small part of the work required for material crushing.

When the solid material is a particle with a small size and the size is determined by sieve analysis method, if the size of the sieve holes on the adjacent two layers of sieve surfaces are B1 and B2 respectively, the diameter of the particles remaining between the two layers of sieve surfaces is(corundum abrasive iran): in the standard sieve sequence, there is little difference between B1 and B2 so the calculation results of the above three calculation formulas are little different.

Therefore, if the process requires a large crushing ratio of solid materials, and a single crusher cannot reach the required crushing ratio, multiple crushers in series are required to meet the requirements of the process(aluminum oxide refractory materials iran). This crushing method is called multi-stage crushing. The number of crushers in series can also be called the number of crushers(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). Nominal crushing ratio I g = maximum inlet width of crusher / maximum outlet width of crusher.

Generally speaking, ISA > in(aluminum oxide sandblasting iran). This kind of production system is called crushing system after multistage crushing to achieve the material particle size required by the process. Due to the limitation of the crushing ratio of the crusher, when the requirements of the process for the particle size of materials can not be met, it is necessary to use multiple crushing machines to complete the alkali crushing operation. 

When selecting the crusher within the crushing range, as long as we know the crushing ratio I of the selected crusher, their values are I, I2 and I3 respectively, and also know that the total crushing ratio required by the process is is, and the total crushing ratio of the selected crusher is Ig = I × i; × i. ≥ in, it can be considered that the type and stage of the selected crusher are correct, and this method can be applied to the actual production process.

There is a certain limit to the crushing ratio that each crushing machine can achieve(aluminium oxide powder iran). The crushing ratio of crusher is generally 3 ~ 100, and that of pulverizer is 500 ~ 1000. See table. Due to the limitation of structure and economic rationality, the crushing ratio of a single crusher cannot be designed very large(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). The fragility of materials is related to the strength, hardness, density, structural uniformity, water content, viscosity, crack, surface condition and shape of materials.

The crusher with large crushing ratio can be used for crushing operation(aluminum oxide blast media iran). Materials with high hardness and low strength (i.e. loose structure and brittle property) are easier to break than materials with high strength and low hardness (i.e. slightly soft tough surface). The grinding of materials with high hardness is very difficult, and the lining plate and grinding body of powder road machinery are easy to wear in the grinding process.

In order to improve the efficiency of the secondary crusher, the materials after primary crushing are often screened, and the qualified products are sent to the next process(alumina abrasive powder); The on the screen enters the secondary crusher and then sent to the next process(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). Strength and hardness are the ability of materials to resist external forces. See Fig. Divine strike method is to crush materials by the action of impact force. 

If the total crushing ratio is I, the number of stages of the crusher can be selected according to the total powder drop ratio required by the process and the crushing ratio I specified in the technical performance of different crushers according to the formula(abrasive blast media iran). The crushing ratio of impact crusher or circulation crusher is relatively large, which is about I = 30, and individual large hammer crushers are I = 50.

The basic principle of reasonable crushing operation in the crushing process is "no excessive crushing"(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The work required for material crushing is directly proportional to the newly increased surface area in the crushing process(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). When the moving particle board leaves the fixed particle board, the material that has been crushed to less than the ore discharge port is discharged from the lower ore discharge port by its own weight.

In engineering, according to the above understanding, it is proposed that when the same kind of materials with similar geometry are broken, the energy required is directly proportional to its volume or weight(alumina powder iran). The work required for material crushing is inversely proportional to the square root of the diameter or side length (square) d of the material (diameter D is the sieve size through which 80% of the mass of the material is assumed to pass). 

The basis is that the material must be deformed under pressure. When a certain amount of energy is accumulated, cracks will occur, and finally it can be broken(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers iran). The work required to break drunk is directly proportional to the length of the crack, and the crack is inversely proportional to the square root of the broken particle size. The Mohs grade of rock hardness is shown in table 1-2(100 grit aluminum oxide media iran). The hardness of aluminum ore is close to Mohs grade 7.

The above three drunk breaking theories have been proved by practice that the volume hypothesis is suitable for coarse crushing and medium crushing, the surface area hypothesis is suitable for fine grinding, and the crack theory is more suitable for fine drunk and coarse grinding stages(fused aluminium oxide iran). The shape of solid materials is mostly irregular, and the size of blocks and particles can be expressed by size measurement and calculation.

Extrusion method is to crush the materials sandwiched between two working faces by the action of pressure P. this method is suitable for coarse crushing and medium crushing of materials with high strength. Generation of impact force: the impact of moving working body on materials, as shown in the figure(aluminum oxide grit Iran); The high-speed moving materials impact on the fixed working face, as shown in the figure; The working body moving at high speed impacts the suspended materials, as shown in the figure.

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