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Clean up the residual oil in the bearing and other parts in time, and recycle it to a special oil drum for storage(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). Always check the lubricating oil for moisture, foaming and foreign matter. Keep the lubricating oil clean. Add oil at least twice in a shift, once every 4 hours, and keep the equipment sanitary(alumina abrasive). The pump that has been out of service for a long time should be kept properly to avoid rust. 

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After the pump is stopped, the material in the pump should be removed and the pump cavity should be cleaned with clean water to prevent impurity particles from blocking the pump(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The lubrication is good, the oil tools are complete, the oil path is unobstructed, and the oil quantity, oil quality, oil level, and oil temperature meet the requirements(sponge media abrasive). 

All parts are missing(steel shot abrasive). All parts are well adjusted and fastened, running smoothly, without abnormal noise, vibration and movement(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). All flanges, inlet holes, and observation holes are well sealed and leak-free. The main inlet and outlet pipes are unobstructed, the valves and cork can be opened and closed flexibly, and the work is reliable(alumina sand). The matching clearance of each component meets the requirements.

To reach the nameplate or approved capacity, the flow head of the system should meet the specified requirements(180 grit aluminum oxide). Slurry pumps can be widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The impeller device in the casing is located on the shaft and connected with the prime mover to form a whole.

The parts are complete and undamaged, and the material and strength meet the design requirements(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The assembly clearance, wear limit and sealing performance of bearings, shafts, shaft sleeves, impellers, guard plates, etc. are in compliance with the requirements of the maintenance regulations(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The working parts of the centrifugal pump are the impeller and the casing. The parts are intact.  

The body is clean and tidy(garnet blasting media). The operation is normal, and there is no obvious oil leakage and leakage. The environment around the equipment should be cleaned up every shift(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). At the same time, the fluid flows from the center to the edge of the impeller under the action of inertial force, and flows out of the impeller at a high speed, enters the press-out chamber, and then is discharged through the diffuser. 

The bearing temperature does not exceed the allowable value(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). There is no obvious running, leaking, dripping or leaking(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The motor and other electrical facilities are operating normally. The machine instrument and safety protection device are complete, sensitive and reliable. Ammeters, valves and other devices are complete, accurate, sensitive and reliable(aluminium oxide blasting). Valves and other switches indicate clear directions.

When the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate, the blades in the impeller force the fluid to rotate, that is, the blades do work on the fluid in the direction of its movement, which forces the pressure potential and kinetic energy of the fluid to increase(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). At the same time, because the fluid in the center of the impeller flows to the edge, a low-pressure area is formed in the center of the impeller(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman).

The foundation is stable, free of cracks, tilts, and corrosion(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). Carry out daily routine inspection of equipment according to the daily routine inspection standard and record it in the daily routine inspection record book. When the oil quantity is insufficient, supplement it in time(silicon carbide grit). As the impeller rotates continuously, the fluid will be discharged and inhaled continuously to form continuous operation.

Refuel all parts of the equipment according to the lubrication standard table without oil shortage, and record it in the equipment refueling record book(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Pump body, pump cover and overflow parts: this series of pumps are horizontal, vertical split type, double pump shell structure slurry pumps(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The pump body and cover are equipped with replaceable metal lining made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy(corundum sand). 

Such as slurry transportation in Zhijin ore washing plant, hydraulic ash removal in thermal power plant, coal slurry and heavy medium transportation in coal washing plant, river dredging, etc(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). In the chemical industry, some corrosive pastes containing crystals can also be transported(silicon carbide powder). The standby pump should rotate 1/4 times a week to make the bearing evenly bear the static load and external vibration. 

Bearing assembly: the bearing assembly of the pump adopts cylindrical structure, which is convenient to adjust the clearance between the impeller and the front guard plate(150 grit aluminum oxide). It can be removed as a whole during maintenance(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The bearing is lubricated with grease. Frequently check the tightness of the pump and whether the connection is firm and reliable(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). This process is called the pressurized water process. 

When the equipment is shut down, always check whether various pipelines are unblocked(alumina grit). When it has sufficient vacuum, the fluid enters the impeller through the suction chamber under the action of the pressure at the suction end (generally 0.lmpa). This process is called water absorption process(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The lining can be worn through until it can prolong the maintenance cycle and reduce the operation cost. 

Regular maintenance (monthly) add and change oil for each part of the equipment according to the lubrication standard table, and record it on the equipment refueling record book(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). Tighten the loose bolts, make up the damaged ones, and replace the ones with serious wear(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The foundation and bearing seat are firm and complete, and the connection is firm, without loosening, fracture, corrosion, or falling off.

Bearing and support components: regularly check the oil quality and oil level of lubricating oil, keep the oil quality clean, and do not overload the lubricating oil(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The foundation and bearing pedestal shall be firm and complete, and the connection shall be firm without looseness, fracture, corrosion and falling off(aluminium oxide blasting media). The base inclination is less than 0.1mm/m(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). Do not flush the motor and operation box with water. 

The base inclination is less than 0.1mm/m(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). The foundation shall be stable without crack, inclination and corrosion. Always keep a small amount of clean water passing along the shaft to cool and lubricate the shaft seal assembly. Shaft seal assembly: then regularly check the sealing water pressure and water volume(70 grit aluminum oxide). If the paint of equipment or pipeline falls off and rusts, it shall be derusted and painted. 

Gathering part: when the pump is stopped, clean the inside of the pump with clean water(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers oman). When it is stopped for a long time, clean the shaft seal to prevent rust and blockage(glass bead abrasive). The residual oil of bearings and other parts shall be cleaned in time and recycled to special oil drums for storage. The environment around the equipment shall be cleaned every shift(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Clean frequently and keep it free of dust and oil stain.

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