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At present, in addition to the coastal areas of Fujian Province(aluminum oxide abrasive), silicon sand for steel casting is also produced in Xinhui and Taishan areas of Guangdong Province, and in the East and pianzhou areas of Hainan Province. Silica sand is the main raw sand used in foundry industry all over the world. Because of its low hardness, high content of Cao and Al2O3 in raw ore and easy water absorption(corundum sand), it is not suitable for refractory.

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Therefore, MS is a high-quality alloy steel molding sand material and a good refractory material(aluminum oxide grit). The non siliceous sand widely used in foundry industry mainly includes forsterite sand, caking sand and pyrite sand. It is an ideal molding material because it has many characteristics suitable for casting raw sand. It belongs to silicate mineral and exists in ultrabasic igneous rock(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Chrysotile type compounds, namely, compounds polymerized from chrysolite. 

(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers sa)Yichang pure magnesium micro elemene mgasio, abbreviated as MAS, has the content of 80% ~ 90%, MgO content of 4.3% ~ 5.0%(green silicon carbide), the content of harmful impurities is extremely low, its density is 3.10 ~ 3.27g/em, Mohs hardness is 6.5 ~ 7.0. Calcium forsterite mold contains free silica, 0.97%, while pure magnesium micro olivine does not contain free silica(glass bead blasting media suppliers), which is recognized as a green non-toxic casting material in the world.

If olivine sand is used, not only high quality castings can be produced, but also the price is much cheaper than special sand(synthetic corundum). Therefore, the amount of olivine sand is increasing. The reserves of forsterite mold sand and complex iron ore are large, and the price is cheaper than that of cross sand. Both of them are made from broken ore, with poor grain shape and much more expensive price than silica sand(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). They are only used in some steel castings.(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers sa)

The Shangluo Mountain Area on the border of Henan Province and Shaanxi Province also produces Calc forsterite with a reserve of about 500 million tons(silicon carbide abrasive). After being washed, it can be used as sand for cast steel with poor reusability or as additive for blast furnace ironmaking. The best thing about silica sand is that it is rich in reserves and cheap and easy to get, which is incomparable with any other mineral sand(garnet suppliers). The mass ratio of MgO / SiO2 is 0.94 ~ 1.33.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers sa)The pure forsterite model rock in Taipingxi, Yichang, Hubei Province, has been proved to have a total reserve of about 500 million tons(emery abrasive). Due to the high mineral composition and high hardness of the raw ore, the content of harmful impurities affecting the fire resistance is very low(steel grid). MS sand for body steel has been stable at 4.5-5 tons / year in the United States, 30000 to 40000 tons / year in Japan, and 150 tons / year in the former Soviet Union.

The main crystal phase is forsterite 2MgO · SiO2(black silicon carbide). It has a certain resistance to alkaline slag, high refractoriness and load softening temperature, and strong resistance to iron oxide corrosion. In the production of high manganese steel or heavy steel castings, silicon sand is easy to produce serious sand inclusion(garnet abrasive). Therefore, it is necessary to replace it with special staggered sand, iron ore sand and corundum sand which are more expensive.(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers sa)

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