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So far, there is no direct evidence that these heterogeneity can effectively lead to the growth of graphite into a sphere(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). In other words, there is no specific crystal nucleus in the center of spherical graphite that can lead to its spherical shape. Spheroidizing elements and interfering elements. 

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Table 2 lists several spheroidized elements(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). The oxides of these elements have high melting points and have the following common properties: the element and electron layer have one or two valence electrons, and the secondary inner layer has eight electrons(aluminium oxide blast media). The reason of white structure in nodular cast iron when the amount of nodular elements is too much. 

The distribution of various elements in spheroidal graphite extracted from nodular cast iron was investigated and analyzed by automatic radiation image analyzer and electron probe(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). The results show that spheroidal elements cerium and magnesium are enriched in graphite lattice. Magnesium is evenly distributed on the section of the sphere(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). The line scanning results of spherical and flake graphite by ion probe are shown in Fig. 

The results of cerium self radiation analysis show that the concentration of Cerium in the center of graphite sphere in cerium ductile iron increases significantly, which may be related to the existence of cerium compounds(240 grit aluminum oxide). No increase of spheroidizing element concentration was found near the interface between sphere and metal. In addition, the iron content of spherical graphite is about 10 times that of flake graphite(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine).

The ferromagnetism of spheroidal graphite is much higher than that of flake graphite(1200 grit aluminum oxide). In addition, elements such as silicon, manganese and titanium also exist in spherical graphite to varying degrees(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). When molten iron contains spheroidizing elements such as magnesium and cerium, the spheroidizing elements first combine with sulfur and oxygen to eliminate the blockage of sulfur and oxygen atoms on the growth steps. 

Flocculent graphite. When the residual amount of magnesium in molten iron exceeds 0.035%, graphite can be spheroidized(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). However, when magnesium exceeds 0.07%, a part of magnesium segregates at the grain boundary and the carbide at the grain boundary increases(fine grit aluminum oxide). The reaction ability of magnesium with some interfering elements is weaker than that of rare earth elements, and the formed compounds are also unstable.

Single crystal circling growth is the basic mode of spheroidal graphite growth(green silicon carbide). Therefore, it has a certain affinity with carbon, but its solubility in graphite lattice is low(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine); When graphite precipitates, it can enhance the undercooling of molten iron between graphite crystal and liquid phase interface (hot undercooling).  The problem of whether the core of spherical graphite contains specific nuclei has existed for a long time. 

When the molten iron treated with rare earth alloy is cooled at different rates, with the change of cooling rate, the graphite may change from supercooled graphite to coral graphite, and then to worm stone(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). Therefore, the spheroidizing agent containing rare earth elements has stronger anti-interference ability than magnesium spheroidizing agent(alumina abrasive powder). In the whole growth process, polycrystals can maintain balanced growth and finally form spheres. 

It can be considered that coral graphite is a transition form between supercooled graphite and Urban Insect graphite(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). When the growth step passes through the surface adsorbed with active impurities, it will be forced to turn. Lead and magnesium are not only combined with magnesium, but also segregated at the solid-liquid interface, but also have a strong interference effect(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Some interfering elements interact with each other.

This electronic structure makes the elements have strong affinity with sulfur, oxygen and carbon, the reaction products are stable, and the sulfur and oxygen in molten iron are significantly reduced(aluminum oxide sandblasting media); This shows that the solubility in iron is low and there is a significant segregation tendency during solidification(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). The spheroidization effect of low sulfur hypereutectic molten iron treated with light rare earth elements is very stable.  

Paving in light rare earth elements and remembrance in heavy rare earth elements play a significant role in graphite spheroidization(black silicon carbide). The above sulfur and oxygen are surface active elements and are easy to be adsorbed on the surface of graphite crystal growth steps(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). The mixed rare earth alloys commonly used in Chinese factories contain many interfering elements, which affect the spheroidization effect(120 grit aluminum oxide). 

If the residue is high, the adsorption density of free atoms at the screw dislocation outlet increases, blocking part of the growth steps, which may distort the morphology of graphite, which is similar to the insufficient content of spheroidizing elements(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Therefore, when magnesium is used as spheroidizing agent (including the alloy composed of magnesium and ferrosilicon), the content of interfering elements should be limited(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). 

If the content is too high, a firm covering layer may be formed on the growth step, so that the growth of graphite is inhibited and the undercooling capacity increases sharply, resulting in cementite(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). It can be seen that the growth of flake graphite includes growth in [1010] direction and growth in [0001] direction(garnet sand). When the content exceeds a certain amount, the tendency of white cast iron can be improved. 

In addition, phosphorus, file, lead, brocade, base, tin, arsenic, selenium, titanium and other elements also have interference effects(100 grit aluminum oxide). These elements have stronger deoxidation and desulfurization ability than magnesium to produce R0, R5 and RS compounds. These compounds have high melting point and good stability(alumina blasting). In addition, rare earth elements and interfering elements in molten iron can also form stable compounds(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine).

These free interfering element atoms adsorb on the screw dislocation port of graphite growth, block the growth steps of graphite in e direction ([0001] crystal direction), destroy the normal growth law of spherical graphite and produce interference. However, the molten iron contains 0.04% of the clock, and the graphite can be spheroidized(steel grid). Rare earth elements are also strongly stable carbide elements(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). 

The partition coefficients of titanium, arsenic, tin and ladder in molten iron are very low, and they are highly segregated in the front of the solid-liquid interface, which promotes the precipitation of graphite along the austenite boundary and promotes the growth of flake graphite(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). Decoration, steel and some rare earth elements can effectively eliminate the harmful effects of interfering elements(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). 

The elements that interfere with spherical graphite are mainly sulfur and oxygen(cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers ukraine). The spheroidization is stable and maintained for a long time. It is a high-quality spheroidized element(glass bead blasting media suppliers). In particular, the uneven deposition of titanium atoms on the growth steps of spherical graphite leads to the growth rate of some single crystals in polycrystals higher or lower than the normal growth rate of polycrystals. 

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