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Carbon equivalent is an important factor affecting the volume fraction of austenite branch(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). With the decrease of carbon equivalent, the temperature interval of austenite dendrite growth increases and the volume fraction of dendrite increases. Therefore, the solidification interface may be isothermal or non isothermal(100 grit aluminum oxide media). Therefore, the position of the symbiotic zone will be shifted to one side and the symbiotic zone to the right.

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During the growth of austenite dendrite, the volume fraction and morphology of dendrite change with the cooling rate(carborundum abrasives). However, Al and Ni have the opposite effect, reducing the undercooling of Eutectic Transformation and narrowing the temperature interval of dendrite growth(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). Due to the different growth mechanism of each phase, the supercooling degree corresponding to the growth rate is not completely the same.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in usa)This type of symbiotic area belongs to asymmetric symbiotic area(brown fused alumina). The addition of alloying elements can change the temperature interval and size morphology of austenite dendrite growth. The results show that the undercooling degree of eutectic transformation is significantly increased by Mo and K, and the temperature interval of crystal growth is enlarged(alumina grit). The mechanical properties of cast iron with this structure are enhanced.

With the same carbon equivalent, the volume fraction of austenite dendrite increases with the increase of Si / C ratio(brown aluminum oxide). Both Ti and V are the elements which strongly promote the increase of austenite volume fraction. A small amount of Ti can increase the volume fraction of dendrite. When the growth rate reaches a certain level(150 grit aluminum oxide), the austenite dendrites may collide and intersect with each other and form a skeleton structure.(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in usa)

The results show that the volume fraction of dendrite in the eutectic transformation process increases significantly with the addition of Ti and fan(white corundum manufacturers). The reason for this phenomenon may be that the silicon atoms remaining in the liquid phase are enriched in the front of solidification, which results in the formation of exogenous growth(120 grit aluminum oxide), which increases the growth rate of dendrites and increases the volume fraction of dendrites.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in usa)Nickel can inhibit austenite branching and promote the formation of thick austenite(black aluminum oxide blast media). The temperature of dendrite stopping precipitation decreases with the increase of undercooling degree of Eutectic Transformation, which expands the temperature range of dendrite growth(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), increases the amount of dendrite precipitation, accelerates the growth of dendrite, and the dendrite arm spacing decreases correspondingly.

The diffusion properties of elements in the front of solidification interface and the latent heat transfer of the products are the main factors controlling the growth rate of the eutectic structure(100 grit aluminum oxide white), and affect the growth temperature range of the eutectic structure. The co growth in the symbiotic zone is a non isothermal phase transformation process, resulting in lamellar or rod-shaped eutectic structure(low sodium white fused alumina), and the growth rate is also different.

If the melting points of component A and component B are quite different(carborundum grit), or the structure of solidification boundary is different (for example, rough solidification interface and smooth solidification interface), the supercooling degree required for the growth of the two crystals is different. The solidification structure of the alloy will contain a phase and (a + b) eutectic(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media).  Aluminum contributes to the formation of fine and scattered dendrites.(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers in usa)

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