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Cam processing of the template blank the plane milling of the die blank is completed by selecting the layer priority forward milling method(aluminum oxide abrasive). The cutting mode is selected as the layer priority, which can disperse the processing stress of the template in the cutting state and effectively prevent the template deformation(black alumina). Note: it is difficult and key to select the appropriate processing module and corresponding processing parameters.

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It is not suitable to machine the workpiece with hardening layer (such as casting), because the blade must pass through the hardened surface of the workpiece from the outside, so as to produce strong wear(white fused alumina abrasives). The power consumption of down milling is lower than that of down milling(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). Under the same cutting rate, the power consumption of down milling is 5% ~ 15% lower, and the forward milling is more conducive to chip removal.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers mexico)The feed direction component of the cutting point's pre cutting speed direction in the feed direction is consistent with the feed speed direction in the down milling(aluminum oxide grit). In order to obtain good surface quality, down milling is often used. Once the driving points are generated, the projection vectors can be generated from these points to the part geometry(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The machining module is fixed axis contour milling, and the tool path mode is Z-shaped.

Note: the workpiece must be fully clamped, otherwise there is a risk of lifting the table(80 grit aluminum oxide). In general, the NC machining adopts forward milling. Based on the results of CAD design, the NC machining program of the model is compiled by using the cam function of uni graphics CAD / CAM system(low density white alumina). After the processing program is compiled, the processing program is transmitted to the machining center, and finally the processing of the mold is completed.(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers mexico)

The tolerance cavity milling method is used in the rough machining of template cavity(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), which can specify multiple cutting depth ranges, and each range is divided into multiple cutting layers with equal depth. For each pre cutting layer, it can automatically generate visual eye trace and cutting track on the complex cavity surface(fine grit aluminum oxide), and complete the two-dimensional machining of each layer under one plane cutting mode.

(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers mexico)The tool is selected as 20 mm cemented carbide keyway cutter(100 grit aluminum oxide media). This setting is due to the large amount of rough machining before cutting, and the second is that the template material is deformed aluminum alloy, and the trademark is LD10; the semi finish machining of template cavity adopts the fixed axis contour milling method(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The tool path is generated by driving points, which are generated by driving geometry.

The tool moves along the projection vector until it contacts the part body(alumina grit). The final tool position is called the output tool position. The tool location coordinates at all driving points constitute CLSF, which is the tool location source file. The specific operation steps are: the machining coordinate system is selected on the parting surface at the symmetry center of the template(synthetic corundum price). The tool is selected as 6 mm high speed steel ball cutter.(cheap aluminium oxide grit wholesale suppliers mexico)

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