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This kind of machine can still be seen in some factories, but it is no longer manufactured(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). Now the most widely used is the central ore discharge to cone crusher. Silver crusher is used for medium and fine crushing. According to the shape of its crushing cavity, it is divided into standard type, intermediate type and short head(aluminium oxide grit bolivia). The machine must be stopped according to the sequence of production process, that is, stop the feeder first, and then stop the crusher and belt conveyor after all the materials in the crushing chamber are crushed.

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Flywheel or pulley 4 are respectively installed at both ends of the knitting spindle. If there is a thermometer on the bearing, the temperature value can be read directly; If there is no thermometer, it can be estimated by hand, that is, put it on the tile shell with the back of your hand. When it is hot, it can't be put away for more than 5S. At this time, the temperature exceeds 60 ℃. Check whether the lubrication system works normally(aluminium oxide blast media bolivia). Listen to the working sound of the oil pump, observe the pressure of the oil pressure gauge, and check the oil quantity and oil leakage of the oil tank.

The shaft 3 is installed in the first pair of bearings, the moving cover 2 with lining plate 14 is fixed on the transmission, and the shaft 3 and its bearings are suspended on the frame. Therefore, the shaft 3 is called moving to suspension shaft. An eccentric shaft 5 and a connecting rod 6 placed on the shaft are installed in the second pair of bearings(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). The inspection and maintenance of the pre crusher mainly include the following points: check the heating of the bearing, and the temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃ (the temperature of the rolling bearing shall not exceed 70 ℃).

The inspection method is that two pairs of bearings parallel to each other are installed on the frame. Due to its high height, and when the crushed materials contain more clay or high humidity, the movement speed of the materials along the ore discharge chute will slow down, so a large amount of materials may be accumulated on the drip chute(aluminum oxide powder bolivia). When the stacked materials are squeezed into the eccentric shaft sleeve under the pressure of the movable cone, the eccentric shaft sleeve will be worn out quickly.

Therefore, the movable cone 2 is in the body 1, in which the space is a crushing cavity(abrasive blast media bolivia). The material is fed from the upper part. Due to the action of eccentric shaft sleeve 4, the cone of moving dimension is periodically close to and away from the cone of fixed cone; When the moving cone approaches the fixed cone, it will produce crushing effect. When leaving, the crushed materials will be discharged from the crushing chamber(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). The working principle of mesh cone crusher in China is similar to that of collar crusher, which can be regarded as a continuous collar crusher.

The gap between the two joint surfaces is 15mm(blasting grit bolivia). The cone crusher used for coarse crushing is also known as the rotary crusher, and its specification is expressed by the width of ore feeding port and ore discharging port. The width of ore feeding port and ore discharging port of 500 / 75 rotary crusher is 500mm and 75mm respectively(alumina abrasive). The picture shows the domestic 900 / 150 type central ore discharge rotary crusher, which is composed of frame, eccentric shaft sleeve, main shaft and moving cone, suspension device and transmission mechanism.

The inner surface of the middle frame 2 is inlaid with three rows of parallel lining plates made of manganese steel(aluminum oxide grit bolivia). One of the lining plates in each row is rectangular, and the rest are rectangular. When installing, finally install a rectangular one and fix it with a die. The lowest row of village plates is supported on the protruding part at the lower end of the middle frame, while the upper row is inserted into the convex edge at the upper end of the middle frame(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). After the lining plate is installed, zinc shall be injected between the middle frame and the lining plate.

The upper end of the side nut of the lower frame is equipped with a locking plate to prevent the nut from retracting. The collar 29 is fixed on the lower part of the moving cone with screws, while the collar 30 is on the neck of the gland 28. The main shaft 12 is suspended on the cross beam through the slotted conical nut 21, the conical pressing sleeve 20, the village sleeve 17 and the support ring 19, and the slotted conical nut 21 is prevented from retracting with the die key 22(aluminium oxide powder bolivia). The dimensional end of the bushing 17 is supported on the support ring 19 and the side is supported on the cone sleeve 18.

The palace guard belt and adhesive ring are provided, and the upper collar 31 is freely pressed on the collar 30, so the dust cannot enter the lubrication system of the crusher through the gap between the collars(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). The frame of the crusher is composed of lower frame 1, middle frame 2 and cross beam 3, which are fastened with bolts. In order to ensure that the center lines of the three are aligned and more firmly connected to each other, conical grooves are used at their joints and positioning pins are installed.

In the central sleeve 35, a steel bushing 26 is pressed, and the lubricating oil required by the crusher is pressed by a special oil pump(corundum abrasive bolivia). The oil enters the lower gap of the eccentric shaft sleeve along the oil pipe from the oil hole on the lower cover 38 of the frame, which is divided into two ways(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). One way is along the wall, there is a working hole for checking the machine, which is covered with the cover 32 during normal operation of the machine(aluminium oxide blasting). The center sleeve 35 is connected with the lower frame by four ribs 36 and the transmission sleeve 37.

For example, in the steel Village sleeve, there is another layer of eccentric shaft sleeve 4 whose inner surface is filled with only 3 / 4 of Babbitt alloy cast on the outer surface And rotate in the steel bushing 26(alumina powder bolivia). Eccentric shaft sleeve 4 is connected with large bevel gear 11. During the operation of the crusher, since the lower end of the bushing 17 and the inner surface of the conical bushing 18 are national dimension surfaces, it can ensure that the village sleeve 17 rolls along the support ring 19 and the conical village sleeve 18, so as to meet the requirements of the rotary pendulum movement of the moving cone.

The other way rises along the gap between the eccentric shaft sleeve and the bushing and enters the bevel gear through the thrust ring 27. After lubricating the bevel gear, it flows out through the oil drain pipe(cheap aluminium oxide manufacturers bolivia). The upper and lower rings are set to prevent the large bevel gear and the center sleeve from being worn. In order to cast the Babbitt alloy firmly, the inner surface of the eccentric shaft sleeve 4 is provided with dense dovetail grooves(aluminum oxide sandblasting bolivia). Three thrust rings are placed between the center sleeve 35 and the large bevel gear.

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