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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound South Korea

When the decomposition rate is low(garnet abrasive price), the aluminum hydroxide returns more, and the mother liquor molecular ratio is too low, which is not conducive to dissolution and increases the material flow of the entire process. The activity of Al(OH)3 with fine viscosity and large specific surface area is much greater than that of coarse and crystalline aluminum hydroxide(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media), hindering the growth of the crystal.

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Therefore, it is necessary to determine the decomposition time according to the specific situation to ensure that the decomposition tank has a higher capacity and reaches a certain decomposition rate(glass beads manufacturers). There is little research on the effect of decomposition time on the particle size of aluminum hydroxide(low density white alumina). Therefore, organic matter will increase the viscosity of the solution, and can be adsorbed on the surface of the crystal.(cheap aluminium oxide polishing compound south korea)

Extended decomposition time Increased fine particle size in products(fused alumina). The reason for the fine particle size in the late stage of decomposition is due to the reduced excess of the solution. The lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity, which reduces the growth rate of the crystal(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The thicker the scale layer, the greater the thermal resistance, the lower the heat transfer coefficient box, and the lower the evaporator capacity.

When aluminum strength is small and not very stable(brown fused alumina). The impurities in the sodium aluminate solution have a certain influence on the decomposition process. A small amount of organic matter in the solution does not hinder the decomposition, but if it accumulates to a certain extent, the decomposition rate can be reduced(wholesale brown fused alumina). Therefore, it is not appropriate to prolong the decomposition time too much, but stop the decomposition too early.

(cheap aluminium oxide polishing compound south korea)Sodium sulfate and potassium sulfate reduce the decomposition rate, but when the content is low(brown aluminum oxide). When alum is used as the raw material, the seed stock solution often contains a large amount of sulfate, and when it reaches more than 30-40 g/l SiO2, the decomposition rate begins to decrease significantly(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). The heat transfer coefficient a2 of the solution has a great influence on the value of the heat transfer coefficient.

The value of the heat supply coefficient a1 of the small steam is large(brown aluminium oxide), and the 1/a1d value is correspondingly small, so the change of the a1 value has little effect on the value, but the condensed water and non-condensable gas in the heating chamber must be eliminated in the production process in time(steel shot abrasive), Because their existence will affect the reduction of a1 value. and make the viscosity of decomposition products thin.(cheap aluminium oxide polishing compound south korea)

In order to achieve the purpose of enhancing production(green carborundum), increase the circulation speed of the solution to increase the difference between the temperature of the heating coefficient a2 heating steam and the boiling point temperature of the solution in the evaporator is called the effective temperature difference(pink aluminium oxide). The activity of newly precipitated aluminum hydroxide is much greater than that of aluminum hydroxide after long-term circulation.

(cheap aluminium oxide polishing compound south korea)The effective temperature difference is always less than the total temperature difference, and the difference is equal to the temperature loss during the evaporation process(silicon carbide companies). According to the heat transfer equation, the effective temperature difference At is large, and the heat transfer is good, so the production capacity of the hair dryer is high(pink alumina). Increase the use pressure of heated steam. The decomposition time is long.

There are several ways to increase the effective temperature difference(arc fused alumina). Because the use pressure of the heating steam increases, the temperature of the heating steam increases accordingly, so the difference between the temperature of the heating steam and the boiling temperature of the solution in the evaporator increases(glass bead abrasive). The sulfide in sodium aluminate solution is mainly Na1S0 and exists in forms, it is not obvious.

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