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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Brazil

The most vulnerable part of the internal combustion hot blast stove is the partition wall(aluminum oxide grit), and the external combustion hot blast stove is the two-room vault and its bridge crossing part. The main causes of damage are the following three points: thermal stress. The hot blast stove is a heat exchanger(brown aluminum oxide blast media). During heating, the temperature of the combustion chamber is very high, and the furnace top temperature can reach 1500 ~ 1560 ℃.

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From the vault down the furnace wall and lattice bricks, when supplying air, high-speed cold air is blown in from the bottom of the regenerator and is gradually heated(aluminum oxide abrasive). The furnace lining high temperature part and the upper layer of lattice brick are generally made of silicon brick, and the use effect is better(brown fused alumina for grinding). When the structural design is not reasonable or the operation is improper, the damage of thermal stress is greater.

Chemical erosion(silicon carbide companies). The lining of the hot blast stove and the lattice brick room are often subject to rapid cooling and heat changes, and the stress of the heat causes cracks, cracks and spalling of the masonry, especially the partition wall of the internal combustion hot blast stove, the temperature gradually decreases(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer); which is most likely to loosen and fall, And even caused a "short circuit" and was forced to shut down the furnace for maintenance.

Therefore, when the air temperature is lower than 900 ℃(green carborundum), sticking bricks are generally used, and the service life can reach about 20 years; for example, the heating period is too long, the bottom grid brick and the furnace wall are overheated, and the temperature decreases when the air is supplied, that is, the temperature difference If it is too large(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), the refractory brick masonry cracks, the furnace counter deforms, and even the pillar moves.

In the United States, before the 1960s, the product has a high melting temperature and adheres to the surface of the brick, growing continuously(brown fused alumina); refractory materials with excellent thermal shock stability should be selected for the lining of parts with severe temperature changes. The choice of refractory material for hot blast stove is mainly determined by the temperature of hot blast(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit), operating temperature and material.

Therefore, the gas and combustion air contain a certain amount of alkaline oxides(brown aluminum oxide), and the ash after combustion contains 20% iron oxide, 20% zinc oxide, and 10% alkaline oxides (mainly potassium oxide). Most of these substances are excluded from the furnace, but a few ingredients still adhere to the surface of the masonry and penetrate into the interior of the brick masonry(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), accumulating over time, and its depth can reach about 20 mm.

At the same time, these substances also chemically react with Xiehuo brick components to form plantable aluminosilicates(brown aluminium oxide), which change the volume of the brick, leading to tissue damage, cracking, reduced strength and high temperature performance. It should be noted that in the upper part of the pedicle heating chamber(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), the chemical erosion is more serious, and the degree of damage varies depending on the dust content.

At the same time(silicon carbide price), when the dust content and operating temperature are fixed, the use of clay bricks will result in a lower melting temperature of the reaction product, forming a thin glassy layer on the surface of the brick, and diffusing deep into the interior through the capillary, the erosion depth is larger(brown fused aluminum oxide factory); high alumina brick At the time, when using silicon brick, the reaction product is volatile, the surface of the brick is smooth and less eroded.

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