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The charge is as follows: the energy condition of alloy phase transformation(black aluminum oxide blast media). Changes in the state of matter are always accompanied by changes in material energy. The reason for this phenomenon, in addition to dynamic factors, is also related to the melting in the air and the oxidation of molten iron due to overheating(brown alumina abrasive). As the silicon content increases, the eutectic carbon content decreases, and the austenite liquidus shifts to the left.

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SiO2 has an influence on the precipitation of graphite in cast iron because it can become the matrix of graphite nucleation(white corundum manufacturers). Thermodynamics defines the state function-free energy that judges the process of phase transition and chemical reaction(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). When the system pressure is constant, the free energy is not only related to temperature, but also related to component concentration and interaction energy between component atoms.

Under the condition of constant temperature and pressure(black aluminium oxide), the direction in which the free energy of the phase change or chemical reaction system decreases (AG<0) is the direction in which the phase change or reaction proceeds spontaneously. Holding the law of structural change of liquid special iron will help develop new casting methods and expand the application range of cast iron(white corundum price). The chemical potentials of the same component in multiple phases in the equilibrium state are equal.

The free energy of a phase is a function of temperature and component concentration in the phase(white fused alumina price). Analyzing the phase transition process requires the use of the relationship between free energy and component concentration at different temperatures. According to thermodynamic calculations, it can be given a U-shaped free energy-component curve at a certain temperature(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). The position of the curve changes with temperature.

If the component line of a certain component point intersects the curve, the intersection point represents the free energy value of the phase with that component(brown fused alumina). When the free energy change reaches the minimum value, that is, when AG=0, the phase change no longer proceeds and the reaction reaches equilibrium. After the solid phase precipitates, the equilibrium carbon concentration in the liquid phase increases as the temperature decreases, forming an outward carbon chemical potential gradient.

When the chemical composition of the reaction material is constant, the basic factor affecting the change of free energy is temperature(white fused alumina manufacturer). The slope of the curve at the intersection represents the chemical potential (partial molar free energy) of the component with the component. Therefore, the free energy-component curve of each equilibrium phase must have a common tangent(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The precipitation of new phases reduces the free energy of the system.

The more the free energy decreases, the easier the transition will be(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). When the melt temperature is higher than the liquidus temperature, the free energy of the liquid phase of any component is less than the free energy of the solid phase that may precipitate. At this temperature, neither austenite nor high-carbon phases can be precipitated in cast iron(aluminum oxide blasting). The carbon atoms in the liquid phase will diffuse outward under the promotion of thermal convection.

The temperature drops further and the austenite grows further(white aluminum oxide blast media). The carbon concentration in the liquid phase continues to increase, and finally reaches the eutectic composition. When the molten iron of the eutectic component is subcooled below the equilibrium eutectic transformation temperature, carbon and iron are in a supersaturated state at the same time(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and the liquid phase free energy is higher than the austenite-graphite equilibrium mixing free energy.

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