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The dynamic wear test refers to the installation of a friction and wear tester in an optical microscope or a surface analysis instrument (such as a scanning electron microscope(white fused alumina), a Russian spectrometer) according to the special needs of friction and wear research. can also be modified into this type of device with a microhardness tester(alumina grit), using the indenter of the hardness tester or other particles as abrasives for research on abrasive wear.

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While measuring the friction and wear performance(white aluminum oxide), it is possible to directly observe and test the various subtle changes that occur on the friction and wear surface, and understand the change process of morphology, geometric size, organization, structure, and composition during wear. To prevent moisture and rust in the air, butter on the surface(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The device is often used for dynamic observation of the elastohydrodynamic lubrication state of rough surfaces.(cheap aluminium oxide powder manufacturers south africa)

Through dynamic testing, the friction and wear process of various materials such as metals and polymers can be explored from the microscopic atomic level characteristic(white corundum)s, and the effects of surface energy, crystal structure, crystal lattice orientation, dislocations, cohesive energy and chemical bonds on the worn surface can be studied. influences(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The commonly used specimen test wear tester should choose the type of tester to simulate working conditions as much as possible.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder manufacturers south africa)Spectral analysis has high sensitivity, accuracy and fast analysis speed(glass bead abrasive). It is widely used in industrial production and experimentalist research. The disc is made of borosilicate glass. The "microscopic contact image" of the friction and wear sliding contact between the steel ball and the disc can be directly observed through a microscope or photographed at 150-300 times(120 grit aluminum oxide), and made in a similar manner using optical interferometry technology, which limits its application range.

The biggest limitation of dynamic testing under an optical microscope is that transparent materials must be used in the friction pair(steel shot abrasive). Many people take advantage of the long focal length and large depth of field of the electronic analysis instrument to install a miniature friction and wear test device in the sample chamber of the electronic analysis instrument for dynamic analysis(100 grit aluminum oxide media). Its advantages are small size, light weight, rapid measurement, high magnification, and available digital display.

In this device(glass beads manufacturers), you can directly observe the interaction between abrasive particles and the surface of the material, record the process and characteristics of wear scars, and detect the changes in the material composition at any time by using the energy spectrometer equipped with scanning electron microscopes to study the wear process Material transfer and changes in the process. Among them, the electric profilometer is the most widely used(including a single abrasive particle tester).(cheap aluminium oxide powder manufacturers south africa)

There are two common spectral analysis methods, atomic emission spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectroscopy(garnet abrasive price). The combined device of the PSEE and the friction and wear tester combines the PSEE with the four-ball machine and the pin-disk tester, which can directly test the wear process and has been used for solid lubrication Continuous observation of film wear characteristics. According to the structure, the electric profiler is divided into three types(150 grit aluminum oxide): capacitive, inductive and piezoelectric.

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