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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Powder Price Netherlands

After the negative is dried, the optical density of the picture and text of the negative film shall be checked on the transmission table(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). The image and text parts shall be completely black and opaque, while the non image and text parts shall have good transparency and no fog(46 grit aluminum oxide). It is composed of a very thin layer of photosensitive material containing heavy ammonia salt, color dye coupling agent and stabilizer on polyester substrate.

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Then check the graphic line defects, these defects include: sand hole, according to the teeth, redundant lines and so on(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). If these defects are found, they should be repaired in time. The repair materials should be natural color or red ink, or other repair materials can be used. The surplus materials on the negative film should be scraped off with a small point of the revision knife(240 grit aluminum oxide). Diazonium plate is a non silver salt photosensitive material. The color of diazo film is usually orange or dark brown.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder price netherlands)The diazonium salt decomposes under ultraviolet light(aluminium oxide blasting grit), and the unexposed part contacts with hot ammonia gas during the development process, neutralizes the acid stabilizer, and triggers the chemical action of the color dye coupling agent, so as to develop a color image with high density which can prevent ultraviolet light(aluminum oxide blast media). Resolution refers to the maximum number of black and white equidistant lines that can be resolved within 1 mm length.

The molecular particle size of diazonium salt is 200 times smaller than that of silver salt(100 grit aluminum oxide media), so diazonium salt film can achieve higher resolution than silver salt film, which can reach 1000 lines / mm. The resolution is not only related to the grain size of forged salt, but also to the camera lens, focusing, contrast of photographic base, smooth head of photo plotter and processing effect(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Most of the visual inspection of photographic negatives is carried out by naked eyes (standard vision, normal color sense).

The photosensitive wavelength range of heavy chlorine film is ultraviolet light (300nm-450nm), and the photosensitive speed is 5-10 times slower than that of dry film(fine grit aluminum oxide), so it can be exposed and developed under ordinary light. Compared with silver salt film, heavy ammonia film has the following advantages: the molecular particle size of heavy ammonia salt is only 1.5 nm, while that of silver salt is 300 nm(120 grit aluminum oxide). The smaller the side etching, the higher the etching accuracy.(cheap aluminium oxide powder price netherlands)

Diazo film should not be exposed to the air containing ammonia for a long time before exposure(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media); diazo film should not be exposed to light for a long time before development; dichloride film and diazo film should not be exposed to organic solvents such as ethanol when they are stored and used; diazo film should be modified with special plate material, otherwise the optical density will be insufficient or easy to fall off(100 grit aluminum oxide); The temperature of diazo film should not be too high when developing.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder price netherlands)The inspection of photographic negatives generally includes the following items: the visual inspection of photographic negatives(180 grit aluminum oxide). Under the most favorable observation distance and appropriate illumination, no magnifying glass is needed for inspection. If dust and fingerprints are found, wipe them gently with degreasing cotton dipped in ethanol, and do not wipe them with cotton yarn or other coarse fiber materials(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). There is no need to wash or dry after developing.

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