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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Powder Producers Brazil

The quality of the screen has a great influence on graphic printing, especially when printing high-precision graphics and texts(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). The system point is caused by the knotted surface in some parts of the screen. The purpose of the so-called coloring is to prevent the diffusion of the printing time. The length of the screen is 1000mm, the effective length is about 800mm, and the extension length is about 0.16mm(white fused alumina make company). The silk screen is woven from silk.

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Therefore, when using the final screen(white aluminium oxide grit), the surface of the screen should be carefully inspected to discover the quality of the screen surface in time Defects, these quality defects can be avoided during plate making, so as not to affect the quality of printed drama. The color of the screen is very important for plate making, and the screen is generally divided into white and yellow(aluminium oxide for blasting). It is often difficult to find if you do not pay attention.(cheap aluminium oxide powder producers brazil)

When the screen is weaving, if the spacing between the wires is not uniform(white aluminum oxide crystals), this will inevitably cause the unevenness of the screen aperture, which will affect the amount of ink transfer during printing and cause deviations in the transfer thickness of Youxian County. Uneven weaving of the screen seldom occurs in the whole screen(brown fused alumina for abrasive). When using, avoid these areas as much as possible to prevent it from affecting the printing. Drama quality.

Jumping wire means that a certain wire is disconnected in the middle of knitting, forming a small shedding state(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). If the graphics and text fall on these areas during plate making, it will obviously affect the screen printing. quality. Under normal circumstances, it is considered that the thickness of the silk is roughly the same. In fact, it is not difficult to find errors in the thickness of the silk from the failure of the screen printing(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). Generally, such a situation occurs in a part of the screen.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder producers brazil)The system point not only affects the mesh, but also causes the screen to form a bulge at the system point, causing the substrate to appear granular ink in this part(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). At first glance, the screen, which is the basis of the screen, looks evenly woven and impeccable(white alumina grit). When high-precision graphics and text are used before screen printing, high-quality screens are required, and a single point will often cause the lines of graphics and text to break.

Therefore, the quality of the screen must be carefully checked before making the screen to ensure the accuracy of the screen printing graphics(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). If half of a white silk screen is dyed yellow and the other half is not dyed, after stretching the screen, perform the selenium plate under the same conditions(aluminum oxide sandblast media). The result is that the image of the dyed part is clear, and the image of the undyed part is worse, which is due to the diffusion of light.(cheap aluminium oxide powder producers brazil)

For large graphics and low meshes, white screens can be used, and yellow screens for high-precision graphics and texts(white aluminum oxide sand). Set the length of the stretched screen as AC, and the distance between the screen and the substrate (screen distance) as DP. When the squeegee applies pressure, the printing plate and the substrate are closely attached(white corundum powder). Therefore, the screen length of the printing plate is AP+PC, The stretch length of the screen during printing is (AP+PC)-AC.

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