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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Powder Suppliers Switzerland

It includes the structure of cathode carbon block and slotting form(silicon carbide abrasive). The shape and structure of cathode steel bar and its combination with carbon block need to be simulated and tested. It can ensure that the new structure of 400kA electric trough has a good energy level under the temperature frame voltage process conditions(garnet suppliers). For the problem of connection, so it needs to be calculated and tested again.

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For the cotton shell structure, two rows of holes are needed to be drilled in the bottom of the slot for power supply at the bottom(aluminum oxide abrasive), seek the stable and efficient operation of the electrolytic machinery at low temperature and low voltage and achieve a good energy balance, which changes the tension(fused aluminium oxide), measures such as strengthening sauce protection were taken at the bottom and dance part of the electrolyzer.(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers switzerland)

Special time line configuration to meet the requirements of power output and magnetic field optimization(garnet abrasive), so as to provide the high efficiency and stable operation of the 400 Ka new structure electrolytic cell at low temperature and low voltage Create prerequisites. The construction technology is the installation technology and sealing technology of re direct discharge cathode(black silicon carbide factory). The conductive structure suitable for bottom discharge is studied.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers switzerland)The depth of the drawing precision is set as 50 mm(black silicon carbide), the width of the bulge is set as 460 mm, and the edge of the convex part is connected with the lower carbon block substrate or 45 angle. The overall groove size is 3300 × 115 × 200 (mm) (length × width × height), and the middle short internal fine size is 190 × 220 × 200 (mm) (length × width × height)(100 grit aluminum oxide). The effect is good and the construction is convenient.

In order to further improve the stability of the electrolytic cotton magnet(emery abrasive), the bus structure and internal material structure of the electrolytic cell were optimized by using the magnetic fluid super stability technology and the optimized configuration technology of the inner village structure(aluminum oxide blast media). It can be used to distinguish the end of the traditional obstruction type heteromorphic drama mirror, as shown in the figure.(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers switzerland)

In order to ensure the best energy balance of the new structure electrolyzer of 400kA line under the condition of low temperature and low voltage(synthetic corundum), and repeated simulation calculation was carried out for the inner sealing structure of 400kA level new electrolyzer by using Kaige thermal electric field calculation software based on ANSYS software platform(black synthetic corundum), construction box, stiffness and konglifen of the original shell.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers switzerland)Through the research of the above key technologies and the simulation calculation of the fine lining structure(green silicon carbide), an optimized rigid pole internal material structure with vertical power output is selected. The bottom sealing plate adopts the sealing technology and process of steel cylinder sealing groove shell and self flowing sulfur building material sealing steel body(buy brown fused alumina), which solves the problem of vertical steel bar sealing.

Therefore, compared with the traditional cathode structure, the new cathode structure has the following differences(aluminum oxide grit): the difference in the way of muscle lifting and discharging leads to different steel rod type, size and layout. In addition, due to its low raised part, large area, high strength(steel shot abrasive), which helps to improve the service life of the tank, it can use gas to burn, and it can also use disk particle to block burning.(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers switzerland)

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