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The crystallization latent heat released by fine A-type graphite increases the surrounding liquid phase temperature, decreases the undercooling, slows down the growth of graphite, and normal A-type graphite appears again(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). The graphite eutectic Group continues to expand around, forming a small graphite sheet in the center, with a chrysanthemum shape growing radially outward around. 

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When the eutectic grows to a certain size and the cooling is accelerated, a small-size eutectic composed of fine graphite may appear in the boundary region of the eutectic(70 grit aluminum oxide). Liquid phase chemical composition has a similar effect. When the sulfur content is high, the critical growth rate of sawtooth interface changing to cellular interface and cellular interface changing to dendritic interface decreases(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). 

Fine flake or point eutectic graphite is formed in the narrow liquid phase of austenite dendrite(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). In this eutectic growth process, because the atoms in the two eutectic phases are easy to dislocation each other, and due to the mixed impurities in the liquid phase and the existence of lattice vacancies, a large number of crystal defects lead to frequent branching and distortion of graphite crystals(aluminium oxide blasting grit). 

In this way, the eutectic closed graphite is fine and the external graphite is coarse to form B-type graphite eutectic group(aluminium oxide blast media). Therefore, this cellular interface will grow between austenite dendrites and finally form D-type graphite austenite eutectic. Then the liquid-solid interface formed by the combination of endogenous grains and exogenous interface has cellular dendrite morphology, which is often called dendrite interface(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda).

This is the result of the change of eutectic growth from simple exogenous growth (the solid phase grows completely through the interface) to simultaneous exogenous growth and endogenous growth (the crystal nucleates and grows independently in the molten liquid before the solidification interface). At this time, the development degree of austenite has been quite sufficient, which is roughly arranged in the direction of heat flow(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda).

In this case, the growth interface is still serrated(green silicon carbide). Further increasing the growth rate, dome like (cellular) protrusions appear on the macro interface, and primary austenite dendrites are formed at the front of the interface(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). When the interface grows at high speed, the solute cannot diffuse in time, forming solute enrichment and leading to component supercooling. Endogenous growth occurs in the component supercooling zone.

Firstly, graphite nucleates near the austenite dendrite in the melt and begins eutectic growth to form fine grains dominated by fine flake graphite(aluminium oxide sand). When the growth rate increases, the interface morphology changes significantly, and the cellular bulge is more prominent(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda); There is cellular grain overlap near the interface(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The increase of graphite sheet thickness will increase the spacing of eutectic layers.

When the endogenous eutectic grains meet with the advancing cellular growth boundary, they fall into the interface, but they are not completely integrated, showing some bonding traces(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). Due to the interference of austenite dendrite and exogenous interface during the growth of endogenous grains, the size and shape of endogenous grains trapped on the above interface are also significantly different(aluminum oxide grit blasting). 

The microstructure produced at the dendrite interface consists of primary austenite dendrite, graphite eutectic and possible intergranular microstructure(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The endogenic product is a fine flake graphite eutectic, and the exogenic crystal is a D-type graphite eutectic. Moreover, the number of endogenous eutectic grains of gray cast iron is much more than that of pure iron carbon alloy or pure iron carbon silicon ternary alloy(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). 

The two common groups can be distinguished on the joint surface of the product body(steel grid). The change of interface moving speed (crystal growth speed) can change the interface morphology, and lead to the change of eutectic precipitation mode and precipitation phase morphology.  The size becomes shorter and thinner, and the lamellar spacing decreases(alumina grit); The distribution tends to be disordered(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). The size decreases and the interface tends to be chaotic.

The phosphorus content of the sample increased from 0.047% to q.105%, the growth rate remained unchanged (= = 72mm / h), and the solidification interface morphology changed from figure to figure(black silicon carbide). It shows that with the increase of phosphorus content, the endogenous grains on the interface increase significantly(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). Some endogenetic grains are not fully bonded and are filled with high phosphorus melt rich in low melting point.

The morphology of graphite changed from A-type to B-type, and then to D-type(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). There was endogenous eutectic structure bridging out in the liquid phase in front of the cellular growth interface. When the melt contains elements with small partition coefficient and can improve the undercooling of the interface, the number of endogenous grains precipitated in front of the interface increases(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). 

To sum up, when the chemical composition and temperature gradient remain unchanged, the changes that will occur with the increase of growth rate are as follows(aluminum oxide blasting grit): the interface disturbance increases, the interface morphology changes from serrated to cellular, and then from cellular to dendritic(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda); The frequency of graphite branching increased(150 grit aluminum oxide); The growth direction of graphite changes with the change of interface morphology.

Because the interface morphology is an important factor determining the eutectic microstructure (including the graphite size, morphology and distribution of cast iron), it is necessary to explore its influencing factors and variation law(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). Intergranular carbides appear in the gap(corundum sand). Sulfur in gray cast iron can thicken eutectic graphite because the sawtooth interface of thicker eutectic graphite is relatively stable. 

Because the elements in gray cast iron affect the interface stability by various mechanisms, sawtooth growth interface rarely appears in the non unidirectional solidification process(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Compared with pure iron carbon alloy, gray cast iron produces cellular interface at very low growth rate(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda). Undercooling mainly depends on the cooling rate of molten liquid, solute concentration and segregation properties.

Someone poured molten iron into the centrifugal mold with repeated changes in the direction of rotation and kept it completely solidified(garnet sand). In the solidified sample, it was found that some stone stars that have grown to a certain size are connected with each other, and the iron content in the connection does not exceed the normal level, indicating that the iron did not separate the connected graphite balls(cheap aluminium oxide powder suppliers uganda).

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