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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Powder Wholesale Price Japan

In the chemical etching process(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor), the parts or parts that have been coated with anti-corrosion layer are placed in the corrosion solution for corrosion until the metal thickness meets the requirements or the graphic depth reaches the requirements(white alumina grit). There are many factors that affect the etching speed, to prepare a kind of corrosive agent for stainless steel. In this period, the photosensitive anti-corrosion technology was gradually improved.

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It can be selected according to the type of metal material and the pollution degree of the part surface(brown fused alumina for abrasive). In the whole etching process, there are three variable factors: etching depth, etching speed and etching time. The metal corrosion did not need anti-corrosion treatment, and the parts could be processed after cleaning(aluminum oxide sandblast media). The speed of this double-sided chemical etching is twice as fast as that of chemical etching on only one surface.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale price japan)After the anti-corrosion layer is removed(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer), the anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the part shall be removed by using solvent, alkali solution or other cleaning agent after the corrosion is qualified. If the concentration of etchant and etching conditions are fixed, the characteristics of the material and the state of heat treatment also have great influence on the etching speed(white corundum powder), concentration and temperature of corrosive agent.

According to the drawing requirements, the metal corrosion processing can be divided into five basic types(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit): overall corrosion, selective corrosion, multi-step corrosion, dimensional corrosion and chemical cutting. For the whole etching or forming chemical etching processing and floor space image and text chemical etching, chemical etching is usually carried out on two sides at the same time(aluminum oxide polishing powder). The etching time is generally taken as 10min.

The etching speed can be calculated by measuring its thickness after cleaning(white aluminum oxide sand). Generally, the etching speed is measured by using a small sample which is the same as the etched material (including material type, heat treatment state and thickness). After the sample is thoroughly cleaned and its thickness is accurately measured, the sample is corroded in the corrosive solution(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). The longer the etching time is, the more accurate the etching speed is.(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale price japan)

What people need is to prepare a kind of etchant(white fused alumina make company), which can give the best etching speed and surface roughness under the condition that the material properties and heat treatment state are consistent with the expected changes. For example(brown corundum powder), it should be able to chemical etch various types of stainless steel (regardless of their heat treatment status), and can etch the surface roughness meeting the process requirements at the fastest etching speed.

(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale price japan)For some special materials or chemical etching with special requirements(aluminium oxide for blasting), special etching solution can be prepared to meet the requirements of corrosion processing as much as possible. In order to determine the best chemical etching time, the chemical etching speed of materials should be determined for the parts to be etched before chemical etching, among which the most important are the type(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers), especially after adding additives into the corrosion solution.

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