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In foreign countries, its manufacturing method is related to the shape of cathode steel bar(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). After the paste is added, use the template to flatten and then uncover the solid, which is divided into 6 layers or so(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). Before assembly, clean the dust in the dovetail sleeve of the carbon block with compressed air, and then heat the cathode carbon block.

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That is enough (because the sodium absorption and expansion of the cathode carbon block mainly occurs within 1 to 2 years after the start of the electrolytic cell)(garnet abrasive suppliers), but the benefits brought by the improvement of cell life and stability measures are significantly higher than those brought by the use of coatings Increased investment costs(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). 

Therefore, the following takes the Zha Zhou method as an example(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Generally, the solid height of each layer is 20-40mm; the physical and chemical indicators of the standard carbon block are shown in the table, the allowable size deviation is shown in the table, and the allowable size deviation after processing is shown in the table(white fused alumina suppliers). Cathode steel bar can adopt square, rectangular or circular, semi negative and other shapes(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). 

At the same time, heat the cathode steel rod and carbon paste(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). Among them, pig iron pouring assembly cathode has short service life, complex and technical process, high temperature operation, high labor intensity, low efficiency, high cost and high scrap rate.  It is strictly prohibited to be exposed to rain and moisture(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). The carbon block pressed by the steel rope shall be constructed with pressure prevention measures.

For the types, properties and preparation process of cathode carbon blocks, please refer to Chapter 6 "carbon materials and technology for aluminum" in this book(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). After assembly, the total length deviation of the steel rod shall not be greater than 1smm, and the bending degree shall not be greater than 4nm. Each layer shall carry two round trips(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). There are many types of cathode carbon blocks(china brown fused alumina manufacturers). 

In this regard, the normal temperature curing and decomposing titanium cathode coating technology developed by Central South University only needs to have a coating thickness of +5mm (so the cost of the coating is relatively low), and the life of each coating itself only needs to be about 2 years(aluminum oxide wholesale). The industry standard of semi-stone cathode carbon block commonly used in aluminum plants in my country is YS/T287-1999(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). 

After consolidation, the paste shall be level with the surface of the carbon block, the surface shall be clean and tidy, and there shall be no pitted surface(how to choose white fused alumina). Tamping compression (l.6 ~ L8): 1. The wind pressure of uncovering the circle shall not be less than 0.5MPa(white aluminum oxide blast media). The tamping hammer shall move about LEM each time(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). Tamping is strictly prohibited to break the carbon block to prevent foreign matters from entering the paste.

During binding, the temperature of carbon paste shall meet the requirements of the operation manual of steel bar paste(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). After assembly, measure the parallelism between the surface of carbon block and the surface of steel bar(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). After blanking, number the two shining surfaces of the steel bar (preferably steel seal or paint mark), measure and record the bending degree of each steel bar, and correct the unqualified steel bar(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). 

The quality requirements and conductivity of the cathode carbon block group after assembly shall be 2000a DC(sandblasting sand), with the exposed end of the working face and the steel bar of the group building as the two poles, and the average voltage shall not be greater than 350mV (at room temperature). The tolerance value of parallelism shall be 3mm(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). If there are quality problems, increase the proportion of random inspection(black silicon carbide).

At present, the crack width extending outward from Yanzhao groove is no more than q5mm and the length is no more than 60mm(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). Other defects meet the standard of carbon block at the bottom(sandblasting abrasive). Please remove the cold paste sundries. The carbon block group shall be stacked according to the operation standard. It shall not be higher than the surface of carbon block(aluminum oxide blasting media). It shall be troweled with refractory mud. 

The carbon block group shall be inspected by random inspection, with a sampling proportion of 3%(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The heating temperature is generally in the range of ~ L10 ℃ according to the nature of the carbon paste (subject to the temperature required by the carbon paste manual). Before assembly, clean the dust in the dovetail groove again, polish the steel rod with an electric brush, and the surface shall be free of dust(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). 

Just take the semi-graphite carbon block that is most used in large and medium-sized pre-cultivation tanks at home and abroad as an example(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The moisture content is not more than 3%, the density is ≤13gkm, and the transverse tensile strength is ≥Q8Ma(alumina powder suppliers). The specifications of asbestos slabs are usually 8S0×850mm and 1000×1000mm, thickness 1.0-25.0mm, and the mass of asbestos slabs per 1m is calculated as 1200kg(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers).

There are cavities(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand), delaminations and inclusions(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers): when the processing length is greater than lm, the curvature is not more than Q.1% of the length, the washing block is strictly prohibited from being damp and oil contaminated, and the surface of the carbon block is allowed to have defects in accordance with the table. This method is mostly replaced by binding method in China(green silicon carbide). Cathode carbon blocks. 

Quehua Iron Cathode T is the finest wettability cathode material for aluminum electrolysis (see the inert wettability phase in the development of new aluminum smelting process for details)(aluminium oxide blasting media). Fill refractory particles between the insulation brick and the side insulation board, the particle size is less than 2mm, and the filling is solid(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). The loss on ignition of asbestos board shall not be greater than 18%(corundum powder). 

At present(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), the specialised iron cathode coating material for room temperature gardening developed by Central South University and the iron-carbon composite material developed by Aluminum Corporation of China have begun to be applied to large-scale pre-cultured aluminum electrolysis plants(white aluminium oxide powder). Sand wash all sides, the surface should show silver-gray metallic luster, check and fill in records after sand washing(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). 

The reason why this graphitization conversion failed to be reflected in the decrease of cathode voltage in industrial electrolysis plant is that sodium swelling and the penetration of molten electrolyte and aluminum carbide offset the improvement of electrical conductivity brought about by petrification(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). The arrangement of the cathode carbon blocks at the bottom of the ellipse has several situations as shown in the figure(aluminium oxide grit suppliers).

Amorphous carbon will gradually graphitize after a long time of electrolysis, and most of it will be converted into stone in a year or longer(wholesale brown fused alumina). In addition, another important advantage is that it brings to the cathode a performance that carbon materials do not have, that is, good wettability with metal aluminum liquid(aluminum oxide grit), which can reduce the precipitation at the bottom of the tank and improve the stability of the cathode(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers).

The axial center line of the cathode steel rod must coincide with the center line of the carbon block pin rod groove shaft(vietnam aluminum oxide), and the deviation shall not exceed 1 way of the carbon block length(cheap aluminium oxide powder wholesale suppliers). Then, the combination of titanium cathode coating and lower-priced anthracite-based (amorphous or semi-graphite) carbon block has the most significant effect. Light products shall be handled with care(brown fused alumina manufacturers). 

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