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The first place to reach the highest supercooling degree (such as the contact with the mold wall) is the earliest nucleation site(brown fused alumina). The solutes enriched in the front of the liquid-solid interface make the crystallization temperature of the liquid phase decrease and delay the crystal growth(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). This condition will affect the subsequent eutectic and the properties of cast iron.

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On the other hand(brown aluminum oxide), the crystal temperature of this part is significantly higher than that of other parts, which leads to the rapid growth of cone top and the formation of rod-shaped crystal. If the solute enrichment at the liquid-solid interface leads to supercooling of the components, that is, the preferential growth will take place at the close packed surface of atoms(emery abrasive), spacing and shapes.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting factory south korea)

Therefore, there are (111) atoms closely packed on the surface of dendrites(silicon carbide abrasive). Firstly, some protuberances appear, and the growth surface of the front end of the protuberance extends into the molten liquid, and some solutes which can cause the melting point to drop are discharged into the liquid phase(garnet abrasive). There will be more solute elements between the adjacent protuberances, and the melting point will continue to drop.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting factory south korea)According to the theory of crystal proliferation, austenite nucleates first on the mold wall(green silicon carbide). As mentioned above, tertiary dendrites may also be produced on secondary dendrites, and the growth process is similar to that of secondary dendrites(garnet suppliers). The fully developed dendrite arms will collide with each other during the growth process and fuse in the molten liquid to form a similar framework.

Therefore, the tertiary dendrite usually occurs when the austenite solidification temperature range is wide and the crystal has enough time to fully develop(black silicon carbide). The growth of the root of the protuberant growth will lag far behind the front end, and finally form the fishbone like body, which is the secondary dendrite(white fused alumina manufacturer). The mass fraction of silicon in austenite is higher than the average mass fraction of silicon in cast iron.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting factory south korea)

With the increase of cooling rate(aluminum oxide abrasive), the primary austenite dendrite from the inner surface of shrinkage cavity of ductile iron can clearly show the primary dendrite and secondary dendrite formed when the growth process is not completely finished. The growth of austenite follows the general law of solid solution growth(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), it grows from the atomic close packed surface with the smallest crystal growth surface energy.

The nucleation and growth of primary austenite are affected by the local undercooling degree of melt(aluminum oxide grit), the inhomogeneity of temperature and element concentration distribution, as well as the structure and characteristics of some nucleation matrix, which results in the randomness of austenite grain growth rate and dendrite development characteristics to a certain extent(glass bead blasting media suppliers), with different grain sizes.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting factory south korea)During the solidification process of cast iron, the distribution of elements in the precipitated austenite and liquid phase is uneven(synthetic corundum). The partition coefficient represents the ratio of the average content of an element in austenite to that in cast iron(steel grid). For a single austenite dendrite, the carbon content in the center of the crystal is the lowest, and the carbon content gradually increases from the inside to the outside.

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