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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Manufacturers Malaysia

The premise of green silicon carbide customization is to deal with a certain scale of customer base. Otherwise, it will not only have no marketing significance, but also increase the operating cost. The first key point is to start customization when it reaches the level. Marketing method innovation must be combined with the application ability of information processing tools. When the data reaches the mass, whether your enterprise has the ability to carry out fused aluminium oxide customized processing is the second key point.

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The corporate culture with aluminum oxide grit customers as the core is indispensable, otherwise, everything will not last for a long time. Time is the key element of this model, and the way of exchanging time for money accumulation has been proved wrong. From the perspective of the whole machine, now we have advanced and complete machining centers, five axis five linkage machine tools, new generation nano super precision CNC lathe and other white alumina powder products, which can be said that the gap with developed countries is becoming smaller and smaller.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting manufacturers malaysia)

The main white fused alumina production base of superhard materials in China is Henan Province, because Henan Province has the advantages of resources, technology and talents in the scientific and Technological Development and industrialization of new materials. A number of superhard material enterprises in Henan Province have formed industrial clusters, and the market share of diamond, raw and auxiliary materials, diamond materials, white aluminum oxide blast media powder, cubic boron nitride single crystal, special equipment for products and standard testing instruments is also very high in the national market.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting manufacturers malaysia)In addition, white aluminum oxide superhard material enterprises in Shandong, Anhui, Hebei, Beijing, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities have begun to take shape. There are few investors in capital and technology. The advantages of CNC grinding machine can only be realized by using high-quality white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit grinding wheel, and abrasive is the most important core material of grinding wheel, which is the fundamental of grinding function of grinding wheel.

The enterprises are unable to invest a lot of money and devote themselves to the research and development of new black silicon carbide technologies and products, which makes more and more enterprises close to bankruptcy. Only about one third of them are running well. High cost and other reasons. But from the development of abrasive industry, our white fused aluminum oxide industry still has a long way to go. But at present, the vicious competition in the domestic abrasives industry is also relatively serious.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting manufacturers malaysia)This is mainly due to the underestimation of the silicon carbide price development of the situation. With the rapid development of machine tool industry in the world, high-performance abrasive tools are urgently needed. Almost all grinding wheels in foreign countries can work at a speed of 120m / s, while CBN grinding wheels in China are far from this speed, and there are almost no matching black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media products with imported machine tools.

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